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Raro Releasing Monte Hellman's Iguana

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  • Raro Releasing Monte Hellman's Iguana

    I guess this is sort of a Euro title.

    "A grotesquely disfigured harpooner called Iguana is severely mistreated by his fellow sailors on a whaling ship in the 19th century. One night he escapes and takes up residence on a remote island. He makes himself ruler of the island and declares war on mankind. Anyone unfortunate enough to wind up on the island with Iguana is subjected to his cruel tyranny. "

    Click image for larger version

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    Nemo + Queequeg + Crusoe? Sold!


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      I was looking around a little for info on this, I don't remember it at all but Anchor Bay released it on DVD several years ago. Mondo Digital review, Hellman called this one of the most miserable shooting experiences of his career but the review is quite positive. Fabio Testi is in it for the eurocult connection by the way. I'll probably spring for this if the BD from Raro gets a thumbs up.
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        I watched the Anchor Bay release some years ago, can't remember a thing though, but gave the movie 2 out of 5, so probably not the worst I have seen, but nothing memorable.