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    Fat Slags. Here's the DVD cover.

    Click image for larger version

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    This movie has a Spice Girl in it and a grown up kid from Stand Be Me.

    So we watched this last night. Why? Because Dolph Lundgren is in it. Why is Dolph Lundgren in it? He probably wanted the paycheck. But he's in it. See?

    This movie has a lot of farting in it, almost too much farting if you can believe that. I love a good fart joke but this... I dunno. Too much. It was funny in a few spots but mostly it was just really bad.

    Basically Jerry O'Connell is a billionaire who gets hit on the head and thinks to fat slags from Northern England have star appeal, so he brings'em out to a fashion show and they're a hit. Their careers take off and they do lots of gross things along the way.

    The whole movie is on youtube.

    I guess this was based on a Viz Comics series, and there are animated versions of the characters out there too.

    Is this series popular in the UK? Usually British humor translates just fine but this... It was just bad. It was kinda like Rosanne meets John Waters but not in a good way.
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    It was pretty bad, haha. Dolph even seemed confused by it. I'm glad we have it though and that (because of a deepdiscountdvd error) it was FREE!

    I've never thought much of Jerry O'Connell, but he was really good in it!


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      The conic VIZ was popular more than 20 years ago...they are up to issue 232 now!!!......but the FAT SLAGS really are just a one-joke story...and the movie had LOADS of British comedians in it!

      A movie based on The Fat Slags was produced in 2004,but was disowned by the magazine's editors who threatened to stop running the strip in response.

      Some other comic strip s in the comic are actually quite funny...
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        Brillian concept I must say.
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          Originally posted by The Silly Swede View Post
          Brillian concept I must say.
          Sadly based on far too many true life stories around certain areas of the Great U.K.!