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    what did you think of ENTER THE VOID?


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      I still haven't seen it.

      I'm gonna though. And soon.
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        Curiosity got the best of me and Enter The Void is one it's way via Amazon.
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          I Stand Alone - The Noe film I revisit the most. I love Nahon as The Butcher and his fuck-my-life face. I think Noe really did a great job in writing the mind of a madman. Goes superbly with Taxi Driver, although The Butcher is much more nihilistic than Bickle. Throw in Breaking Point and Wake In Fright and you're in for a night of hurt. I was lucky enough to get the Australian anamorphic dvd of Stand when it first came out as it blows that crap Canadian disc out of the water. Carne was Stand's precursor and worth a look, too.

          Irreversible - This was my introduction to Noe. I saw it in a theater that had signs posted everywhere that warned you about the extremity of the film. I didn't believe any fictional narrative could affect me in such a manner. Then the movie started. At the end, I walked out of the theater shocked, something that's never happened to me before. I was actually afraid to see this movie again and wasn't sure I even wanted to buy the dvd, but that fear amped my curiosity to re-evaluate it and to show to friends to get their opinions. After a few more screenings, I grew more calloused to its intensity and began to see it as a piece of art, as horrible as it made me feel.

          Enter The Void - I caught this early on at a SXSW screening and although appreciated it as a whole, I was let down. The repetitiveness and acting brought Noe down a notch for me. I had nearly a year before it actually made its theatrical debut and was able to see it a second time on a much bigger screen and enjoyed it more for the "trip" of it. I understand that the repetitiveness factor was integral to the theme of the story (all the levels of the protagonist's cycle as outlined in the Tibetan Book of the Dead), but I still wish that the blu-ray was released with an option to excise the 7th reel as it was seen in some festival runs because I felt that part was the most redundant and unnecessary.

          I'm still intrigued enough with Noe to watch whatever he puts out next. I just hope it's not that 3D porn I read about. I had hoped that with the blu-ray release of Void that Irreversible and I Stand Alone would get proper HD releases, too, because they really need it.

          (As an aside, I didn't care much for the Destricted short, but the short that he worked on with his girlfriend/wife, La Bouche de Jean-Pierre, and to a lesser extent, her feature film Innocence, were interesting.)
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            I couldn't connect to Enter the Void. I can't say why though, I'll try to revisit it some time. I Stand Alone is my favorite film of his. Just a powerhouse of a picture. Sucks that he was at the IFC center and it was unannounced. It would've been fun to meet him and talk about the movie Angst.
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              I love Angst. You can definitely see where Noe got his inspiration.


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                I have IRREVERSIBLE on dvd and its the best film with a reverse storyline
                Good acting especially from one of the best looking actresses ever Monica Bellucci


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                  Eight years later and two more movies. I thought Love was horrible. I enjoyed the second half of Climax.

                  And still no English-friendly blus of Stand or Irreversible.


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                    Irreversible wrapped up in a fancier package? The film is still very good
                    ISOYG is a far better film in my opinion
                    But I really like the sequels as well


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                      Noé recut Irreversible to play in chronological order. It's doing the festival rounds.



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                        I would like a blu-ray with Irreversible, Carne, & I Stand Alone.


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                          The IFC Center in NYC is doing a Noe retrospective with the director in attendance.


                          Friday, April 22 - Thursday, April 28, 2022

                          “Mr. Noé, in other words, gets into your body, which is something that he has always been interested in… He wants to unsettle and disturb you, not only in the space between your ears, but in the rest of you, too, so that you feel your heart thumping in your chest and the sweat popping on your temples.”– Manohla Dargis, writing about ENTER THE VOID in The New York Times

                          “Too Much Is Never Enough: The Films of Gaspar Noé,” a full retrospective of the boundary-breaking filmmaker’s six features, screens April 22-28 at IFC Center. From his controversial debut, I STAND ALONE (1998), Noé has thrilled and outraged critics and audiences around the world with his provocative, stylish and hallucinatory tales of life on the edge. The program includes a special sneak preview of his newest film, VORTEX, in advance of its April 29 opening at IFC Center.

                          The series includes rare 35mm screenings of I STAND ALONE and IRREVERSIBLE—a violent and disturbing succès de scandale told in reverse and starring Monica Bellucci. Other titles include the ENTER THE VOID (2009, which opened and played for 20 weeks at IFC Center), a psychedelic voyage into a Tokyo netherworld; the sexually explicit LOVE (2015) and the drugged-out fever dream CLIMAX (2018).

                          On Saturday, April 23, audiences can take their own reverse-chronological voyage through Noé’s work, starting with an eye-opening 11:30am screening of his last release, CLIMAX and continuing backwards through a 9:40pm screening of his first release, I STAND ALONE. On Sunday, April 24, normal order reasserts itself, with all five of Noé’s previously released features screening in chronological order. See below for a full schedule.

                          Gaspar Noé was born in 1963 in Buenos Aires. His family emigrated to France in 1976, and he studied film at the prestigious École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumiere. He is married to filmmaker Lucile Hadžihalilović.

                          Special thanks to Strand Releasing, Lionsgate, IFC Films, FilmRise, A24 and Utopia Distribution for making this series possible. 35mm print of I STAND ALONE courtesy of the Sundance Collection at the UCLA Film and Television Archive.
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