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    Eric Rohmer - DTS-HD Master Audio -- Blu-ray, REGION B
    - Signe du lion, Le ( Sign of Leo, The ) (1959)
    - Boulangí¨re de Monceau, La ( Girl at the Monceau Bakery, The ) (1963)
    - Carrií¨re de Suzanne, La ( Suzanne's Career ) (1963)
    - Ma nuit chez Maud ( My Night at Maud's ) (1969)
    - Collectionneuse, La ( Collector, The ) (1967)
    - Genou de Claire, Le ( Claire's Knee ) (1970)
    - Amour l'aprí¨s-midi, L' ( Love in the Afternoon ) ( Chloe in the Afternoon ) (1972)
    - Marquise d'O..., La ( Marquise von O..., Die ) ( Marquise of O, The ) (1976)
    - Perceval le Gallois ( Perceval ) (1979)
    - Femme de l'aviateur, La ( Aviator's Wife, The ) (1980)
    - Beau mariage, Le ( Good Marriage, A ) (1982)
    - Pauline í  la plage ( Pauline at the Beach ) (1983)
    - Nuits de la pleine lune, Les ( Full Moon in Paris ) (1984)
    - Rayon vert, Le ( Summer ) (1986)
    - Ami de mon amie, L' ( Boyfriends and Girlfriends ) (1987)
    - 4 aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle ( Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle ) (1987)
    - Conte de printemps ( Tale of Springtime, A ) (1990)
    - Conte d'été ( Summer's Tale, A ) (1996)
    - Conte d'automne ( Autumn Tale ) (1998)
    - Conte d'hiver ( Tale of Winter, A ) ( Winter's Tale, A ) (1992)
    - Arbre, le maire et la médiathí¨que, L' ( Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque, The ) (1993)
    - Rendez-vous de Paris, Les ( Rendez-Vous in Paris ) ( Rendezvous in Paris ) (1995)
    - Anglaise et le duc, L' ( Lady and the Duke, The ) (2001)
    - Triple Agent (2003)
    - Amours d'Astrée et de Céladon, Les( Romance Of Astrea & Celadon, The ) (2007)
    + Nadja í  Paris (1964)
    + Présentation ou Charlotte et son steak (1960)
    + Entretien sur Pascal (1965)
    + Une étudiante d'aujourd'hui (1966)
    + Cambrure, La (1999)
    + Vronique et son cancre (1958)
    + Mtamorphoses du paysage, Les (1964)

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    I'm probably the only one here interested in the cinema of Eric Rohmer, but just in case, dvdbeaver has acquired the much-anticipated, long-awaited Coffret Rohmer. This definitive box-set consists of 26 blu-rays with matching DVD counterparts of the independent auteurs's films, for a total of 52 discs locked into region B/2. In some cases Rohmer shot on 16mm, and these negatives have been given the same hi-def transfers as the 35mm. Each film is supplemented, but unfortunately, the supplements are not English friendly, according to dvdbeaver. So Rohmer's filmed interview with mentor Carl-Theodor Dreyer, finally released for the first time, can only be understood by those who speak French. The big question has been, will there be optional English subtitles on the films? So far, according to dvdbeaver, the answer is YES. Reviews of Claire's Knee (1970) and The Green Ray (1986) have been posted and the screencaps reveal a vast improvement over the standard releases:

    A hardcover book and photo collection are included in the hefty box-set, which sells for a formidable 199 EUR which converts to $243.46. That doesn't include postage:
    a straight arrow
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    "I've been to college, but I can still speak English when business demands it."
    - Raymond Chandler, 1939.

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    I'm a big Rohmer fan. But I have all his films on DVD already, so it would take a lot (extras, corrected transfers, etc) to get me to upgrade them all to Blu.


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      I have all of Rohmer's films on DVD as well, but in view of the fact that blu-ray is a superior technology offering a superior and more film-like viewing experience, I would rather have his films on blu-ray. If corrected transfers and extras is all it takes to make you upgrade, Wrenski, the Potempkine box-set consists of nothing but corrected transfers and supplements. I asked Santa Claus for it, but I guess he had his hands full this year.

      dvdbeaver reviews and frame-capture comparisons:

      Full Moon In Paris:

      A Good Marriage:

      The Aviator's Wife:

      Boyfriends and Girlfriends:

      The Green Ray:

      Claire's Knee:
      "I've been to college, but I can still speak English when business demands it."
      - Raymond Chandler, 1939.


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        Yeah, but if they're not English friendly, they might as well not be there. And for later titles like The Romance of Astrea, for example, there's probably not much difference between the transfers apart from the Blu being 1080p.

        If they sell the titles individually, I might upgrade any that have had low quality DVDs (something like Perceval)... Otherwise I'll hold off. Maybe these upgraded transfers will get licensed to companies like Artifical Eye or even Criterion that'll give them English supplements... that I might be up for. But yeah, there's a lot of titles I don't see myself replacing unless I strike it rich somehow.


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          Wait, are these English friendly and do they contain everything? I've seen his films, just not all of them, and have been waiting for Criterion to re-release the 6 Moral Tales box set, but if this price drops in a few months, and has English subs it would be quite nice.
          EuroCultAV Reviews


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            Each film in the box has optional English subs, yes.

            It has hi-def transfers from camera negatives.

            It contains everything except Perceval (1978).
            "I've been to college, but I can still speak English when business demands it."
            - Raymond Chandler, 1939.


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              Originally posted by Scott MacDonald View Post
              Wait, are these English friendly and do they contain everything?
              Well, the movies have subs, but the supplements don't. ...Right?

              Originally posted by Richard--W View Post
              It contains everything except Perceval (1978).
              What? Why?


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                199.99 EUR = 275.42 USD plus overseas postage for the hefty box.

                Originally posted by Wernski View Post
                Well, the movies have subs, but the supplements don't. ...Right?

                But I buy blu-rays to see the film in the best possible quality, not to watch egos shooting their mouths off about how the made it.

                Originally Posted by Richard--W
                It contains everything except Perceval (1978).
                What? Why?
                You're asking me?

                Do I know?

                You make a good point, however, about waiting for the possibility of the blu-rays being released individually. Either the price of the box-set will have to come down or I'll have to wait for individual releases. In the long run the box-set would be cheaper, though.
                "I've been to college, but I can still speak English when business demands it."
                - Raymond Chandler, 1939.