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  • Cat In The Brain Coming To Blu-ray

    From FB:

    "Future releases:
    "Un Gatto nel Cervello" (Cat in the Brain) directed by Lucio Fulci.
    We are pleased to inform you that we have just started a new HD transfer from the original 35mm Negatine for a future BR release."

    Click image for larger version

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    Sooo..... I'm guessing Grindhouse doesn't have the rights to this one anymore then.
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    Cat In The Brain Coming To Blu-ray From... Raro?

    I'm fine with Raro doing this. It's a lesser Fulci and doesn't need a crazy deluxe Grindhouse issue.

    Just please - NO INTERLACING.


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      Not so fast
      Grindhouse Releasing posted the following on their facebook page:
      And to those who wrote asking about CAT IN THE BRAIN: We own the rights to this film in perpetuity, and we are releasing it on Blu-ray. If you don't see Grindhouse Releasing on the label, don't buy it.
      To be clear: We own the rights to CAT IN THE BRAIN in perpetuity and anyone else attempting to release the movie is doing so in violation of our deal. Please refrain from discussing another company's unauthorized release on our page. Thanks.
      and Raro posted the following on their facebook page
      this situation is not at all clear to us.We are now looking into it because we have been told by Minerva Pictures that we can release this title. We of course will not release it until the situation will be totally clarified.Best.


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        Curiouser and curiouser...
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            No fight, Raro said
            our most sincere apologies . After further looking into this matter we realized that we actually own the world rights for this title but not the usa and a canada rights. so we will not release this title in the us as previously announced. Since we own the 35 mm negative we will nevertheless produce a blu-ray of this title next year for the european market. thanks for your support.


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              From 88's FB page:

              "You didn't think we would let CAT IN THE BRAIN go out without some UK-exclusive goodies did you?

              We wrapped filming a new documentary about late day Fulci which features critics Kim Newman, Allan Bryce and Calum Waddell, author Mikel Koven and screenwriter Antonio Tentori!

              This new feature length doc will be on our UK release of this Lucio Fulci cult classic - enjoy! Pre-order available soon from us direct at"

              Click image for larger version

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                Wadell...I think they mean Doctor Waddell? And Bryce? Oh sweet Jesus I am skipping this.


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                  If they can make this look better than the other two Blu Ray versions I might buy it. Their Blu Ray of Touch of Death looked pretty good. I don't really have a problem with Calum and while Bryce is a plagiarist, the Dark Side did introduce me to a lot of good stuff at the dawn of the nineties so I wouldn't let that stop me from buying this. How he has the balls to show his face, and why some labels still use him beats the shit out of me though.
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                    Full press release for the 88 Films release:


                    On February 26th, 88 Films presents the late, great Lucio Fulci's legendary feast of feline fear CAT IN THE BRAIN in a special edition worth purring over!

                    Few fright-makers achieve quite as much fan adoration as Lucio Fulci and it is not hard to see why. The filmmaker hit a number of horror home-runs during his long and illustrious career - including the censor-scaring video nasty classics ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS (1979), THE BEYOND (1981) and THE NEW YORK RIPPER (1982), but few of his achievements can rival the sheer smorgasbord of splatter that is CAT IN THE BRAIN (1990). Featuring a leading man turn from Lucio Fulci himself, CAT IN THE BRAIN was initially banned outright in the UK thanks to its endless moments of flesh-mauling gore-greatness - but, over time, the movie has become heralded as the rightful predecessor to Wes Craven's NEW NIGHTMARE (1994) and SCREAM (1996).

                    Also known as NIGHTMARE CONCERT, CAT IN THE BRAIN has Lucio Fulci as a horror film director who is plagued by hallucinations of death, misogyny, Nazi orgies and eyeball-popping galore! The poor man cannot even sit down for a rare cut of steak without imagining an orgy of cannibalism with human flesh on the menu. Is he perhaps responsible for a rash of sudden and mysterious massacres? Or is someone trying to peg the blame on our man and literally get away with murder? Fact and fiction become one in CAT IN THE BRAIN - hailed by many Fulci-watchers as one of the crowing achievements of a stunning career in fear!

                    Making its UK BluRay bow on FEBRUARY 26TH, 88 Films gives CAT IN THE BRAIN the petting and TLC that any furry friend would deserve - debuting the film with a new 45 minute documentary from Naomi Holwill entitled BRAIN FOOD: ANALYSING LATE DAY FULCI that features contributions from screenwriter Antonio Tentori, film critic Kim Newman and many more. A further, music-orientated piece looks at the work of composer Fabio Frizzi, whilst the main attraction comes with a beautiful HD transfer from the original 16mm negative.

                    Dare you face Fulci's most animalistic and outrageously disgusting horror achievement?

                    Full Specs:

                    SPECIAL FEATURES
                    • HD Transfer from the Original 16mm Negative
                    • Uncompressed English Soundtrack
                    • Uncompressed Italian Soundtrack with English Subtitles
                    • BRAIN FOOD: ANALYSING LATE DAY FULCI - (45 minutes) Brand new documentary on the misfires and masterpieces of Lucio Fulci's late period career featuring CAT IN THE BRAIN screenwriter Antonio Tentori, legendary film critic Kim Newman, Dark Side magazine editor Allan Bryce and more...
                    • Fabio Frizzi - Live in Hollywood - Oct. 2, 2015
                    • Trailer

                    TECHNICAL SPECS
                    • Region Code: B
                    • Audio: LPCM 2.0
                    • Picture: 1080p HD 1.66:1
                    • Runtime: 93 mins approx
                    • Language: English & Italian
                    • Subtitles: English
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                      I got this last week when they were selling the website exclusive slipcase version (impulse purchase!). Video appears to be the same as the Grindhouse version (comparing to screencaps, I only have the Austrian Blu). The documentary is pretty brave for a distributor to put out, most participants trash the film and Fulci's latter day output. I enjoy the movie anyway!
                      I'm bitter, I'm twisted, James Joyce is fucking my sister.