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RIP Carlo Lizzani

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  • RIP Carlo Lizzani

    More sad news from the Italian film world. From Tom Betts' blog:

    "Director Carlo Lizzani committed suicide today October 5, 2013, throwing himself into the void, from the third floor of a building in the center of Rome. Lizzani was 91 years old. The producer, director and author was born in Rome on April 3, 1922. Among his most famous films “Banditi a Milano”, “Fontamara”, “Cronache di poveri amanti”, “Mussolini ultimo atto” for television he directed “Le cinque giornate di Milano” and “Maria Jose”. Carlo directed two Euro-westerns: “The Hills Run Red” and “Kill and Pray” both in 1967."

    I really love THE HILLS RUN RED and BANDITS IN MILAN, KILL AND PRAY is very good too. Hard to imagine someone killing themselves at that age, wonder if he was in poor health.
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    Sad to hear this. Lizzani made some solid films. He's still largely undervalued, imo.
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      Damn, what a horrible week. I can only assume he was in poor health, either physically or mentally. Either way, it's a huge loss. I loved Kill and Pray and Bandits in Milan. RIP