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  • Singapore Sling Blu-ray Release


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    "A detective searches for his lost love and his travels lead him to two women living in a secluded country villa. When they find him, barely conscious and bleeding, he doesn't speak, so they nickname him "Singapore Sling". Their hospitality soon turns horrific as he discovers they may be a mentally deranged mother/daughter team interested in deadly sex and torturous games...and they also may be responsible for his lover's death. Wounded by a gunshot and imprisoned in a nightmare that he may never escape, "Singapore Sling" becomes the pawn in a deadly game of sexual domination, torture and murder.

    Greek director Nikos Nikolaidis has created one of the most disturbing, gory and strangely beautiful cult films you will ever see...a haunting story of one man's search for love and the horrifying consequences of his actions. "

    According to that thread, subs will be forced.

    Pretty twisted movie. I'd love to see Synapse give this a BD reissue domestically. The transfer on their DVD was a revelation at the time.
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    I've had the Singapore Sling DVD from Synapse for years and I really like this movie. I ordered the Blu-ray last night and was wondering if anyone has seen it. It is definitely a film worthy of a top notch release and I hope this is just that



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      I stared a Nikos Nikolaidis thread some time back when his official website got updated:


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        I thought the German BD looked excellent. The moody black and white photography really shines in HD. Not seen the Synapse DVD though. And I agree, it's an awfully good film, very unique, with a vibe of its own.


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          I asked this in another thread and I don't think I got a reply. Did Singapore Sling ever get an English release that didn't have the burnt in subtitles? i remember those being hugely distracting on the Synapse DVD back in the day. If not, and there's a decent high res release somewhere, it would be a fun project for me to remove those subtitles. It would take a while, as it would be a pretty manual job, but it would be a satisfying one as I think it's a top movie and deserves a clean image.
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            Just ran through the German BD at high speed, I didn't see any burnt in subs.
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