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  • The Damiano Damiani Collection

    Thanks to Mondo Digital for the heads up on this....

    Coming 4/26/13 from Koch in Germany.

    "Includes uncut English versions of The Witch in Love, Mafia, and A Bullet for the General."

    Click image for larger version

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    Damn, I want a nice copy of THE WITCH IN LOVE - I have the Sinema Diablo boot - but I have multiple copies (including BD) of GENERAL and also MAFIA via the Wild East dvd. MAFIA is well worth seeing but it's not something I would watch a lot. Less action driven and more a drama. This will be pricey to import too...pass for me sadly. Maybe WITCH will get a solo release at some point.
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      There's a lot of Damiani that is still only in fan circles and sorely missing any kind of legitimate release.

      Io Ho Paura - My personal favourite, the chemistry between Volonte and Erland Josephson is great. Except for a rather wonky train explosion, the rest of it is for my mind flawlessly directed, and very well scripted. No release at all, just DVDR's taken from occasional screening on RAI in Italy. Possibly tied up with Paramount (that's the logo fronting the film) it's a crying shame one of his best films has all but been resigned to relative obscurity.

      Pizza Connection - The full 3 hour version, as screened on the IRIS tv channel in Italy. Thoroughly deserving a release (and a better title!)

      The only documentary I've been able to dig up on Damiani is 'La Sicilia Vista da Damiano Damiani' - a RAI produced hour long feature following Damiani across Sicily in 2003 revisiting the locations where he shot Day of the Owl and Pizza Connection. Cast members also come back to reminisce. Again, just on TV, and only once. if I'm not mistaken.

      Where would we be without television?! :)