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  • Originally posted by Alison Jane View Post
    It's great that people still talk about these films.
    I think they're more popular than ever. It was probably hard to follow Franco when these originally came out due to the array of pseudonyms and spotty distribution.
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    • Blue Underground posted this yesterday.

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      • Fingers & toes crossed for 'Venus in Furs' and 'Necronomicon'...


        • Originally posted by BW Haggar View Post
          Fingers & toes crossed for 'Venus in Furs' and 'Necronomicon'...
          If they do release Venu in Furs, in HD, then I hope they include multiple versions, especially the Italian one as that is reported to be closer/more faithful to what Jess Franco had originally intended.

          The Italian version of the film (called "Paroxismus - Può una Morta Rivivere per Amore?") was edited by Italian filmmaker Bruno Mattei and is radically different from the US version. Apparently, it's also more faithful to what Jess Franco wanted to do. These are the main differences:
          • This time the story is not narrated by the character of James Darren, as in the English version.
          • The order of most scenes has changed compared to the US version.
          • The effects with color filters and slow motion in some scenes of the US version, which infuriated Franco, have been removed. On the other hand, even more annoying filters and colorful effects were added in sex scenes and when Maria Rohm's character kills her victims.
          • In the opening scene, right after Jimmy Logan finds Wanda Reed's corpse on the beach, there is a scene that shows Logan calling the police. A window is slamming driven by the wind, showing sometimes the protagonist, sometimes the sea.
          • While the US version starts with the credits sequence, in the Italian version the credits appear after the scene of Logan calling the police, with a different soundtrack and the names of the actors and crew appearing over a freeze-frame of James Darren's eyes.
          • Mentions of the protagonist's trip to Brazil were completely eliminated, as were the scenes showing Rio de Janeiro Carnival (which Franco had originally filmed for "The Girl from Rio").
          • The first time Logan finds the resurrected Wanda in a nightclub, the scene of the protagonist going after her is interspersed with Barbara McNair singing "Venus in Furs" in the nightclub. In the US version, McNair appears singing only during the end credits.
          • The party scene at Paul Muller's house, where Wanda meets Margaret Lee's character, is longer. Among other things, it includes a moment when a professor is talking about ghosts (at least in the Italian dub). When he sees Wanda, he says that the girl has a very strange aura.
          • Margaret Lee's suicide scene is longer: she cuts her wrist with a razor blade three times, not just once as in the US version.
          • The film ends with Logan playing his trumpet alone on the beach after finding Wanda's grave. The US version scene where he finds his own corpse at the sea and discovers he was dead all the time has been completely eliminated (Jess Franco allegedly hated this final scene/plot twist).