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A young woman named France (Mireille Perrier) returns to Cameroon to visit the former colonial outpost she grew up in during the last days of French rule. Upon arrival, she recalls her childhood in Mindif. The only child of a sole white family, the Dalens, France forms a strong connection with their ‘houseboy’ Protée (Isaach de Bankolé). A quiet and observant child but still too innocent to fully understand the simmering sexual and racial tensions in the adults around her, France finds her idyl shattered when a plane full of strangers makes an emergency landing nearby.

Claire Denis’ quasi-autobiographical exploration of the colonial power struggle in Cameroon is the first in a series of her films exploring French colonialism and racism in West Africa. A Palme D’Or nominee, Chocolat is a remarkably assured directorial debut featuring all the tension, subtlety and sophistication that characterise Claire Denis’ films, brought to life in a dazzling new 4K restoration.

Newly restored and approved by director Claire Denis
Audio commentary by film scholar and critic Kate Rennebohm
Claire Denis à propos de Chocolat (2023, 18 mins): Claire Denis discusses Chocolat and its new restoration
Claire Denis in Conversation (2019, 49 mins): the filmmaker looks back over her career
Childhood Memories (Mary Martins, 2018, 4 mins): a multilayered autobiographical animation exploring memories of a childhood visit to Lagos, Nigeria
Original theatrical trailer
2023 trailer

**FIRST PRESSING ONLY** Illustrated booklet with new essays by Cornelia Ruhe, Catherine Bray and Kevin Le Gendre and writing on Childhood Memories by director Mary Martins

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