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88 Films Releasing The Body Stealers

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  • 88 Films Releasing The Body Stealers

    Coming to Blu-ray 5/13/24.

    "When paratroopers begin to go missing during routine jumps, investigators are sent to shed some light on the mystery. However, things get complicated very quickly when an alien invasion plot is discovered. This little-known 60s British science fiction flick from the Tigon, the company that bought us Witchfinder General, The Sorcerers, and Blood on Satan’s Claw, offers a uniquely UK take on the flying saucer phenomenon. Featuring George Sanders (Village of the Damned) and Maurice Evans (The Planet of the Apes), it’s a must for all collectors of cult classics from good old uncanny Britannia."

    Click image for larger version

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    Never heard of the Body Stealers (Ian, there's a little typo in the title), but I have a soft spot for awful British sci-fi so will check it out. That UFO looks like the one from the Daleks' Invasion Earth movie, which means the film is probably even more wretched if it's reusing it!
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      This has a great cast save for Neil Connery. First saw this on Detroit tv back in the early 70's on a Saturday afternoon, which is why I have a soft spot in my head for this one. I have a dvd-r of it that is full screen, but not sure if I want to upgrade or not. Depends on the pricing.
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        Every review I've ever read of this one has told me that it's utterly terrible ... so as such, I've never bothered watching it.

        And even worse, I mainly just know Gerry Levy as the guy who did all the crappy re-shoots for Michael Armstrong's (ahem) 'Haunted House of Horror'... in fact, I seem to remember Armstrong, in his commentary for that film, taking some pleasure in noting what a disaster 'Body Stealers' turned out to be, claiming it as proof positive of Levy's status as a talentless wanker, or words to that effect.
        But, like Agent999, I too have developed a pretty limitless tolerance for shonky British sci-fi, so... who knows, maybe the time has come.


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          First watched this on tape in a release from U.S.A. Home Video as INVASION OF THE BODY STEALERS, which came in the oversized VHS box format. I remember the purchase very well, as it was from a Mom-and-Pop shop going out of business in anticipation of a Blockbuster Video setting up their domain in the neighborhood. That may have even been the first time I had ever heard of it. And yeah, as others have implied, it's pretty dry stuff. Not nutty enough to at least be appreciated on that level, as other Brit sci-fi flicks made around the same time like THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE and THE TERRORNAUTS can be.
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