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    After watching the Vinegar Syndrome disc of Beatriz (a splendid movie), I somehow suddenly became keenly interested in everything pertaining to the German-born actress Nadiuska. After some feverish research, I discovered that I already owned another Nadiuska movie, namely Challenge of the Tiger, which years ago Mondo Macabro had paired with For your Height Only. In the credits of Challenge, what name should pop up but “Paolo Solvay,” aka Luigi Batzella, the director of Nude for Satan. In fact, IMDb lists him as a co-director of Challenge, although he is not billed as such in the credits.

    If I am not mistaken, Alicia Príncipe, the star of Franco’s Sexual Story of O, is the woman Richard Harrison devotes special attention to towards the end of the scene featuring the spellbinding slow-motion topless tennis match.
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    Challenge of the Tiger is a splendid, bizarre gem. Batzella made a number of SW that may be of interest as well.