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'Vultures over The City' (1981) - Gianni Siragusa.

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  • 'Vultures over The City' (1981) - Gianni Siragusa.

    The masterfully macho, recklessly roundhousing, manfully moustache-sportin', no mercy ass-kicker, Maurizio Merli, once again, boisterously unleashes his inimitable style of cathartic, non-PC, gonzo skell-bashing in this agreeably gutsy poliziottesco from the somewhat undocumented exploitation director, Gianni 'Hell Behind The Bars' Siragusa. While Siragusa's frequently punchy, early 80s Euro-crime, 'Vultures over The City' aka 'Buitres Sobre La Ciudad' is only rarely mentioned, the appealing thriller's current obscurity is arguably due to its limited availability, rather than the pulse-pounding crime drama's dearth of hoodlum hunting action!

    While unrefined, lacking the delirious dynamism of a Lenzi or Massi-helmed masterpiece, the brawny, 'Vultures over The City' ably provides enough noisome, uber-masculine midnight movie fare to compensate for its paucity of hyperbolic bloodshed. The seemingly incongruent pairing of the handsome, hot-headed, Merli & lower wattage Exploitation-stud, Stiglitz proves viable; their predictably mucho-macho manliness sweetly leavened by the strident sensuality of delectable Euro-starlet, Lilli Carati; a distractingly nubile actress who very rarely, if at all, has the inclination to cover her lissome frame with anything quite so spurious as clothing! 'Vultures over The City' is charged with an equally slinky-sexy theme by the gifted, agreeably ubiquitous Euro-crime composer, Stelvio Cipriani. This solid, enjoyably rough n' tumble, sporadically kinetic actioner remains a worthwhile watch for curious Euro-Crime neophytes and hardened poliziotteschi obsessives alike!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	MV5BMWEzZDdiM2YtYjU3Zi00ZTEwLWE5YzYtODM4MGM4ZTQ0OTkyL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTk4MDgwNA@@._V1_.jpg Views:	0 Size:	136.6 KB ID:	404668