To be entirely honest, A GREAT many of these predictably pulpy, Edgar Wallace Krimis can irksomely vacillate between sublimely skewed amusement and leaden tedium; fortuitously, this particularly audacious offering is excitingly directed by the highly skilful German filmmaker, Alfred Vohrer who, as always, keeps the bristling action ticking over at rewardingly delirious speeds! The pleasingly lurid plot is standard Wallace fare: a bizarre, conspicuously homicidal individual is killing nubile young women, and a considerable inheritance is involved. But the real kicker here is the truly astonishing and uber-funky burlesque score by acclaimed music maestro, Peter Thomas. I honestly believe a comprehensive appraisal of his scintillating soundtracks for film & TV is LONG overdue! Brimming over with bravura B-Movie incident, Edgar Wallace's colourful crime caper, 'The Hunchback of Soho' is a kooky-kitsch delight from start to finish, and it might remain my favourite Krimi! Alfred Vohrer I salute you!!!!

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