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‘Special Cop in Action’ (1976) - Franco Martinelli

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  • ‘Special Cop in Action’ (1976) - Franco Martinelli

    In director Franco Martinelli’s highly regarded crime classic, ‘Italia a mano armata’ aka ‘Special Cop in Action’ (1976), the super-svelte, bullet-dodging pugilist, Maurizio Merli reprises his most incendiary role as the maverick, majestically moustachioed, skin-tight shirt wearin', all fists blazin', zero tolerance, Commisario Betti, for yet another gonzoid, thrillingly non-PC eruption of hard-boiled, Italian Poliziotteschi action! The craven, ill-dressed thugs foolhardy attempt to kidnap a group of school children on Commisario Betti's watch, bloodily unleashes a delirious deluge of exhilarating retribution from the inimitable, golden-haired paragon of righteous vengeance, whose mesmerizingly macho modus operandi of brutally annihilating balaclava bovver boys with his jubilant, jaw-smashing roundhouses, proves more than adequate when Betti finally confronts his arch nemesis, Albertini, energetically played with obvious gusto by fellow Euro-crime icon, John Saxon!

    Maestro Martinell's exciting 70s actioner 'Special Cop in Action' is demonstratively one of the most appealingly hotheaded Euro crime epics, galvanized by a scintillating squall of thrilling, adrenalized action set pieces, the Berretta blasting mayhem made all the more deliriously entertaining by bravura composer, Franco Micalizzi's gritty, funkier-than-thou, street-tough, heart-poundingly groovy score! This is dynamic crime funk par excellence, adding considerable elan to an already essential Italian cult classic! If for some wholly obscure reason you only watch one high octane, head-knockingly heroic Maurizio Merli poliziottesco, I have little doubt that witnessing the pulse-wreaking whirlwind of unbridled bellicosity fuelling 'Special Cop in Action' will make you a hardcore Merli maniac for life!
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