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Code Red Strikes A Deal With Alfredo Leone!

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  • Code Red Strikes A Deal With Alfredo Leone!

    News first appeared here on the Code Red Blog.

    "The Godfather of the Bava collection, Alfredo Leone, says, "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." Mr. Leone has just licensed to CODE RED DVD a few of his films: the violent Spaghetti western VENGEANCE with Richard Harrison; a loveable Ernest Borgnine goes gaga for sexy "The Story of O" star Corinne Clery in LOVE BY APPOINTMENT; Bo Svenson and Donald Pleasence battle Amazon girls in GOLD OF THE AMAZON WOMEN; and for the first time on home video, FACE WITH TWO LEFT FEET (with a John Travolta clone and Ilona Staller in a zany disco comedy!) Mr. Leone is looking forward to the sales and hopefully this will be the start of a great business opportunity for the both of us! More Leone to be on dvd for 2013!"

    I'm definitely down for a nice copy of Vengeance, and check this clip for Face With Two Left Feet!

    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    FACE WITH TWO LEFT FEET sounds kind of awesome. And more Corrine Clery on disc is always welcome. Not a huge fan of VENGEANCE but there definitely is room for improvement there. Be interesting to see what else might come of this.
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      Bill just kinda sorta announced Voices From Beyond!

      "Alfredo just gave me Lucio Fulci's VOICES FROM BEYOND!"
      Rock! Shock! Pop!


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        Hopefully Bill promotes the DVD's this time.
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