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'A Black Veil for Lisa' (1968) - Massimo Dallamano.

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  • 'A Black Veil for Lisa' (1968) - Massimo Dallamano.

    Regarded by many cult cineastes as being somewhat of a relatively unsung Giallo stylist, Massimo 'What Have They Done to Solange' (1972) Dallamano ably directed 'A Black Veil for Lisa' aka 'La Morte Non Ha Sesso' (1968) as a rather early-doors entry in the soon-to-be-blooming Gialli cycle, and it proved to not only be a worthy effort, but a tremendously engrossing, twist-headed thriller to boot! While this does exploit the prototypically menacing Giallo motif of the darkly glistering, black gloved killer, this agreeably sedate thriller eschews much of the expected hysteria and provides a far more sombre examination of debilitating paranoia, sexual infidelity and the pursuant jealousies it inevitably engenders.

    'A Black Veil for Lisa' noticeably follows a far more stolid, almost Krimi-like narrative; one where a slick, shadowy hit-man (Robert Hoffman)is nefariously employed by a vicious mob of drug dealers to blithely bump off all those who threaten to expose their malign activities; and when this murderous trail inevitably comes to the attention of the increasingly tormented Inspector Franz Bulon (John Mills) his valiant investigations ultimately propose a logical, devastatingly immoral solution to his marital frustrations! John Mills is on truly excellent form as the paranoid cuckolded inspector, and handsome blue-eyed Robert Hoffman is on suitably suave and sinfully charming form as the libidinous hitman, with the preternaturally luscious Luciana Paluzzi making for memorably luminous eye candy; while she does little more than perkily slink about in a salacious serenade of sinfully skimpy outfits, this tantalizing auburn-haired temptress does this with a most eye-catching élan!

    Maestro Dallamano dynamically directs his consistently engaging 60s Giallo with real cinematic verve, and as the garotte taut narrative wickedly wends its inexorable way to a genuinely desperate, nerve-flayingly dramatic conclusion my interest never once faltered! 'A Black Veil for Lisa' remains a rewardingly refined late-night entertainment, a visually stylish, stiletto cool, drum tight, psychologically tweaked thriller with credible dramatic performances and a palpably joyous filmic fluency, its somewhat incongruent obscurity belies an engrossing, beauteous-looking, late-60s, Martini-age Giallo classic!

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