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'Poliziotti violenti' (1976) - Michele Massimo Tarantini.

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  • 'Poliziotti violenti' (1976) - Michele Massimo Tarantini.

    Maestro Michele Massimo Tarantini's flint-edged 'Poliziotti violenti' aka 'Crimebusters' (1976) is a terrifically thrilling Poliziottesco from the largely unheralded director of the equally exhilarating, 'A Man Called Magnum' & '7 Hours of Violence'. This enjoyably boisterous crime thriller includes the splendidly stone-faced Henry Silva, reliably delivering yet another sinisterly simmering, Stoic performance as an honourable military officer fatefully driven to acts of extreme retribution due to army corruption and the increasingly brutal machinations of the criminal underworld. Rewardingly for us rabid Poliziotteschi fans, wherever the majestically macho Maj. Paolo Altieri ventures, a bloody swathe of cathartic ultra violence is sure to follow!

    Swarthy cinematic stud Antonio Sabato is well cast as the sharp-witted, belligerent cop with a fearsome yen for twin-fisted retribution! An underrated actioner from an excellent director who really should be given more recognition, as the talented chap frequently delivers the gonzoid B-Movie goods! The success of 'Crimebusters' is due in no small part to yet another gorgeously groovy crime-jazz score from masterful musical maestros Guido & Maurizio de Angelis. This is a prime Poliziottesco, the plentiful vehicular calamity, ear-shattering cacophony of gonzo gun play and equally pugnacious punch-ups ensure a righteous time is had by all! The rumbustious, generously action-packed 'Poliziotti violenti' aka 'Crimebusters' remains a fabulously entertaining, shrapnel savage Poliziotteschi classic that seriously merits closer scrutiny by Euro-cult fans.

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