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R.I.P. Jean-Louis Trintignant

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  • R.I.P. Jean-Louis Trintignant

    He's passed away from lung cancer at the age of 91.
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    A wonderful actor, over 65 years in film.
    ...And God Created Woman (1956), The Easy Life (1962), The Conformist (1970), Passion Of Love (1981), Amour (2012), so many good films, good performances.


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      The King


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        A deep respectful sigh on the passing of JEAN LOUIS TRINTIGNANT. One of the truly great actors of his generation and the kind of genuinely international star that is rare these days. His filmography in incredible stretching from AND GOD CREATED WOMEN to A MAN AND A WOMAN, MY NIGHT AT MAUD'S, Z, THE CONFORMIST, LA NUIT DE VARENNES to (TROIS COULEURS: ROUGE) RED - all landmarks of world cinema. After a retirement, he returned triumphantly in the heart-breaking Michael Haneke film AMOUR. He was also in the terrific American political film UNDER FIRE (1983)
        Along with Haneke, Trintingnart performed for Lelouch, Rohmer, Costa-Gavra, Bertolucci, Scola, Kieslowski, Chabrol, Vadim and Truffuat.
        Au Revoir to a true legend of the silver screen.


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          He was excellent in anything I saw him in. WITHOUT APPARENT MOTIVE is one of his films that should be better known. Great thriller with a killer Morricone score. RIP.
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            Originally posted by Andrew Monroe View Post
            He was excellent in anything I saw him in.
            Agreed. I don't have anything very profound to add to this thread, but very sad to see Jean-Louis go - a fantastic actor, and a true star in a very unconventional way. Watching him pulling a fascinating new character out of whatever the material on hand happens to be (whilst also kind of still being himself) is always a joy.

            Inevitably, it's his roles in Italian genre movies which come to mind first for me - an incredibly intense, wordless performance in 'Il Grande Silenzio', and scowling and generally looking bored and disgusted throughout Lenzi's 'So Sweet, So Perverse' (I recall reading somewhere that he claimed that was the worst film he ever made, which is perhaps reflected in his performance, but it still works brilliantly). Outside of that though, there's 'Trans-Europe Express' & his other films for Robbe-Grillet, 'The Conformist', 'Les Biches', 'Flic Story'.... frankly his choice of roles through the '60s and early '70s was almost as remarkable as his acting -- it feels like he was rarely in anything that was less than great.

            Oh, and he's fantastic in 'Under Fire' too - his presence really brings a whole extra level to that film.