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Review of 'Le Mans, Shortcut to Hell' (1970) – Osvaldo Cipriani.

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  • Review of 'Le Mans, Shortcut to Hell' (1970) – Osvaldo Cipriani.

    This frequently racy little Italian 70s thriller benefits greatly from the well-lubricated and luxuriously upholstered star Edwige Fenech who is bound to get your piston pumping, and push your twitching needle into the red in Osvaldo Cipriani's breezily entertainingly locomotive racetrack drama 'Le Mans, Shortcut to Hell'.The rudimentary text and lightly sketched characters don't detract from the rewardingly combustible action, wherein all the heroic, high-speed thrills and explosive spills of motor racing are exhilaratingly exploited in Osvaldo's free-wheeling, petrol-headed 70s classic.

    With its generosity of picturesque, sun-dappled European locations, including an entertainingly noisome stock car dust up in beauteous far-flung Morocco, distractingly nubile, bikini-clad groupies, perhaps, 'Le Mans, Shortcut to Hell' isn't the most fine-tuned drama, there are compensations, namely a pleasingly jet-set kitsch, some great tunes from maestro Stelvio Cipriani, and there's no lack of vainglorious vehicular action, and it's quite satisfying to witness these Alpha Supermen of The Steering-wheel energetically put their sleek-looking machines through their paces...and the kinetic motor racing scenes are pretty exciting too! In conclusion, 'Le Mans, Shortcut to Hell' aka 'Summer Love' might prove additionally edifying to fans of the sport, or those with an equally grand passion for vintage racecars.

    'Le Mans, Shortcut to Hell' is guaranteed to get your blood racing!' - Weirdlingwolf / Dirty Kunst Video.
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