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'Diamond Connection' (1984) - Sergio Bergonzelli.

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  • 'Diamond Connection' (1984) - Sergio Bergonzelli.

    While Director Sergio Bergonzelli's rough cut grindhouse gem 'Diamond Connection' (1982) is a frequently shambolic, low-budget actioner, it is, to its credit, a rather boisterously entertaining B-movie. Borgonzelli has fortuitously assembled an entirely notable Euro-cult cast, featuring William Berger, Gordon Mitchell, Turkish Hep-cat Kunt Tulgar and the incandescently gorgeous Giallo Goddess Barbara Bouchet! The main dude, 'Alan The Racing Driver' is unexcitingly played by Lorenzo Bonaccorsi who expresses all the screen dynamism of a carpet mite, but composer Louis Crelier's peppy, super-80s score is pretty rad, the Turkish locations are easy on the eye, and Barbara Bouchet is even easier on the ol' peepers, plus there's plentiful enough Bud Spencer-style roughousing to keep things from stagnating. While the prosaic plot is pure shenanigans, there's an enjoyably naïve Ed Wood Jr. quality to Bergonzelli's Mise-en-scène that fairly swiftly won me over, and it's ALMOST in the same wonky wheelhouse as Jess Franco's equally penurious, suck-it-and-see 60s & 70s Euro-spy flicks. Bergonzelli also directed the outstanding weirdness 'Blood Delirium' aka 'Delirio di sangue', which is GREATLY underrated horror-schlock.

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