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'The Night Visitor' (1971) – Laslo Benedek.

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  • 'The Night Visitor' (1971) – Laslo Benedek.

    Laslo Benedek's unusually compelling, nerve-strafingly tense psychodrama 'The Night Visitor' is a triumphant example where an immaculately made thriller's ominous style is readily matched by its scintillatingly sinister substance. Featuring a mesmerizing performance of menacing intensity by powerhouse Thespian Max Von Sydow as the morbidly meticulous maniac Salem, falsely accused of murder by cruelly conniving relatives, and given a life sentence in a vastly imposing, oppressively Gothic Asylum, unbowed, Salem secretively plots his brutal revenge! On par with the very best of Hitchcock, Chabrol, and Polanski, this masterfully crafted, skin-crawlingly creepy 70s blood-chiller has a singularly glacial atmosphere, the mediaeval, fortress-like Asylum making for an especially doomy backdrop, ceaselessly buffeted by wailing, icy winds, the teeth-grindingly tense scenes of Salem grimly descending this abject, monolithically miserable edifice are strikingly imbued with an unexpected grandeur, the bitter, wintry, wholly inhospitable landscape offering him little succour as he relentlessly goes about his exacting, quite legitimately cold-blooded revenge!

    There can be little doubt that Benedek's 'The Night Visitor' benefits hugely from the luminous presence of Liv Ullman, Per Oscarsson, and Trevor Howard, with Hammer Films alumni Rupert Davis and Andrew Kier both delivering deliciously colourful performances! While the macabre subject matter is necessarily bleak, Laslo Benedek's sublimely atmospheric Gothic horror rigorously maintains its strange fascination, Salem's nocturnal peregrinations prove bizarrely edifying, Von Sydow's dark charisma being impossible to ignore, as is maestro Henry Mancini's spare, malevolently enthralling score!

    'Laslo Benedek's starkly compelling, nerve-strafingly tense Gothic psychodrama The Night Visitor' has Max Von Sydow's darkly descending angel of death enacting a raven-hearted revenge worthy of Poe himself!'. Weirdlingwolf – Dirty Kunst Video.
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    Please find a way to stop duplicate images from posting.
    Darcy Parker
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      Originally posted by Darcy Parker View Post
      Please find a way to spot duplicate images from posting.
      There's no way to make the software do it, I (or the OP) have to go in and manually edit.
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        Originally posted by Ian Jane View Post

        There's no way to make the software do it, I (or the OP) have to go in and manually edit.
        The OP seems to be copy-pasting press releases in their entirety.


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          He's posting reviews for movies he's watched, they're clearly not press releases and he's absolutely free to continue doing so.
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            I have no idea why that happened! It was clearly an error on my part, I think I have a handle on it now! Apologies! :)


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              I believe this plays on TCM sometimes, will have to check it out!


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                I hope you enjoy it! I've seen it a few times over the years, and it never fails to entertain!