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Breaking Point (1975)

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  • Breaking Point (1975)

    From the Blu-ray forum (original post here:

    Haven't seen anyone post about this yet.

    The French label Le chat qui fume just announced their own release of Thriller (presumably in collaboration with VS).

    In the comments on FB, someone asked about Bo Arne Vibenius' previous film, Breaking Point, which AFAIK hasn't been available since the days of VHS (if even that):

    Any chanse of you adding Breaking Point (Vibenius even better film) as an extra?
    ... to which Le chat qui fume replied:

    Ask Vinegar Syndrome but we found the neg
    So, it would seem VS also got their hands on the much sought after Breaking Point, when they grabbed Thriller.

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    That's a strange film, 10/10 for audacity but what the hell is that scene with the rancid little girl about?
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      Surely they would announce this title, right? I really wasn't planning on picking up the THRILLER UHD (not a huge fan of the film) but if they put this on as an easter egg or something I'd grab it in a heartbeat.
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        I doubt they would put it on as an Easteregg


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          Originally posted by Flash View Post
          I doubt they would put it on as an Easteregg
          They did exactly that with Last House on Dead End Street.


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            Originally posted by fatboyslim142 View Post
            From the Blu-ray forum (original post here:
            Turns out it was a joke & that's from the horse's mouth.

            I was a joke... We didn't find found anything... I removed my post...