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Renato Polselli - Which films are available on DVD?

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    Originally posted by BW Haggar View Post
    Just bumping this old thread quickly to let anyone who might be interested know that Finders Keepers here in the UK have just put out a single featuring two tracks from the soundtrack to Polselli's 'Rivelazioni Di Uno Psichiatra Sul Mondo Perverso Del Sesso', credited to Gianfranco Reverberi and Romolo Forlai:


    Both sides sound great and the artwork is swell, but I just CAN'T drop £11 plus postage on a 7" that plays about five minutes, I've got cats to feed goddamnit. :(
    That is indeed a cool number, and I generally dig Reverberi's stuff anyway but I can't justify importing this to the states for a 7 inch either. Thanks for sharing though.
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      FWIW, I got the soundtrack for REINCARNATION OF ISABEL on vinyl/digital download, and was disappointed that it did not have the prog rock track(s), just the conventional score.


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        All in, the record is $22.65 with shipping to USA.


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          Originally posted by Wanyon View Post
          Weren't you gonna do a book? Have I missed it - is it out? If not, is it ever going to get published?
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