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  • On MELANCHOLIA: Trier isn't terribly interested in the science of this new planet as much as he is in its symbolic value to his main character. You see, the planet is called 'Melancholia'. And, Justine is a very Melancholy bride. Dunst, in perhaps her finest performance (she won Best Actress at Cannes), is extremely good here, ably supported by Charlotte Gainsbourg, John Hurt, Charlotte Rampling and Alexander Skarsgard.

    The film begins with an incredibly gorgeous cataclysmic montage. It's horrifying and beautiful at the same time. Manuel Alberto Claro's cinematography is top notch and the special effects are well handled. Overall, the SF element is minimal for the next hour or so (the film runs 2 1/4 hrs), so patience is necessary. It pays off in the end, though Von Trier doesn't allow for any easy conclusions.

    MELANCHOLIA is currently available to stream on HBO Max, Fubo and Kanopy - and on VOD. It's also on DVD and Blu Ray