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The Fighting Fists of Shangai Joe (1973)

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  • The Fighting Fists of Shangai Joe (1973)

    This movie is all sorts of awesome and I'm quite surprised that more fans of the genre don't talk about it more often. This is definitely now in my top-ten favorite Spaghetti Westerns. Here's the basic plot: A Chinese immigrant, recently arrived in America, fights to free Mexican slaves from their cruel master. And kicks all sorts of ass!

    Klaus Kinski and Gordon Mitchell are top-billed, although are not in the film long, but don't let that deter you from seeing this as both of their scenes are great with Chen Lee(Shanghai Joe / Chin Hao). One thing that caught me off guard was how much gore is in the film. You got some good eyeball snatchin', fist into chestin', and some good ole' impalin'. Which probably makes this one of the top 10 goriest Spaghetti Westerns, granted it's not as gory as Cut Throats Nine, but I'm more impressed with this one than Django Kill.

    I watched this in the 44 Spaghetti Westerns set from Mill Creek. The transfer is not that good, but it's still watchable.


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    I love this movie, if I had more wall space I'd have this puppy framed and hanging up, but I don't. You should also check out The Stranger And The Gunfighter - it's a bit more comedic but still a pretty great east meets western. The best transfer I've seen for this one is the X-Rated/Kult release from Germany, which is probably long out of print as it came out quite a few years ago.

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      Aw man that's amazing.

      The Stranger And The Gunfighter - I'll try and find a copy.


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        I know it got a European release and there's a boot from Video Asia available on Amazon under the alternate title of Blood Money (no idea as to the quality of it). I have a one sheet for that one too.

        Click image for larger version

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          Fun movie. I always laugh at the part where he tells the cowboy "why don't you get that slut of a sister of yours to do it!" at the bar/restaurant.

          I think Video Asia also released Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe (without another film..don't remember which but starred John Liu) awhile back. I'm not sure how the quality of that is but from my experience, VA releases tend to be not so great.

          I've always wanted to watch The Stranger And The Gunfighter. I may have to seek out the European disc.

          There's a sequel to Shanghai Joe. Anyone know anything about that?


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            Great flick, though I haven't seen it in a long while. Kinski is always good as well. :-)