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Revelations Of A Psychiatrist Coming To DVD from AWE in March

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    Can't wait for this release!


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      Boulevard has this one up for pre-order with an ETA of 7/1/2012.
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        I have a fansub of this, I love Polselli but this just isn't really my thing. I may still get this though, just to have as much Polselli on pressed dvd as possible. MANIA is the one that I lust over, damn I want to see that.
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          Any news on this?


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            Pushed back time and time again, it could be a lot longer (and several more release dates missed) before this one finally materialises. I have left some reasons for why this may be on another thread elsewhere on these forums (the one about which Polselli titles are available on DVD).

            Redemption claim to own the rights due to a dodgy deal done in the past with a dubious ex-producer/distributor/agent. Renato claimed until his dying day that he owned the worldwide rights still to this and several other films of his. Not only that, but Redemption claim to have the original negatives in their possession (something which Marc Morris has stated also when mentioning how he supervised the transfer from the negatives that Redemption owned whilst working for them) but I have reason to believe this is not true as I know the whereabouts of the original camera negatives. There has been much said over the years too about Redemption owning RITI, MAGIE NERE E SEGRETE ORGE NEL TRECENTO... (something Renato again disputed due to his claim of longstanding ownership of the film) and that they have the original negatives, but considering their original VHS/Laserdisc/DVD releases have all been ropey quality and only looked passable due to their proud claims of using DVNR I believe this to not be the case also. One need only look at the Blu Ray release from Kino Lorber/Redemption to see that the improvement is obviously a result of superior transfer process and workmanship, even if the results are still not up the quality of something sourced from the original camera negatives. They have an inter-positive I believe?

            Mads asked me if I wished to contribute liner notes to the AWE release of RIVELAZIONI... and I was sincerely flattered and certainly considering it. But my only concern was that they were licensing it from Redemption. My loathing for the company's business dealings with regards to Renato's work is well known amongst many. I contacted Redemption in the mid-1990s to enquire (on Renato's behalf) whether they were interested in the rights to a few of his films, listing the available titles. They never replied. Instead, just a few years later, they faxed a close friend of mine and Renato's (who was acting an agent on behalf of/at the request of Renato) asking if he and Renato would be happy to hand over any original trailers for the film, poster/image materials and English audio track elements in return for a copy of the finished release! So, not only did they ignore the original offer for purchase of the rights from the legitimate owner of the films (as well as 2 or 3 other films he was offering) but they 'acquired' them from their existing source in Italy AND then had the gall to contact asking for rare and valuable materials and original elements in exchange for...a laserdisc or dvd copy! I still have a copy of the fax with regards to their impending release and the requests they were making...what a joke! A sick one at that!

            So...RIVELAZIONI...well...Mads offered and it meant a lot to me that he wanted to offer me the chance to write the liner notes. But Iot wanted to know if Redemption held any sway over the use of AWE's extras once their licence expired and Mads was unsure. He even asked the AWE bigwigs and they said that they could not give me their word/guarantee that my liner notes would be exclusive to their release and would not turn up on a Redemption/Salvation release of the film. With that confirmed, I had to politely decline. A real shame though as I appreciated Mads trying to ensure my liner notes would remain my personal copyright but I understand that it was not 100% possible for him and AWE to guarantee it. So, I had to decline. I just don't want my writing ever being used by Wingrove's companies in any form after the fast-one they pulled on Renato. And despite what one or two people may think, all it would have taken is for Wingrove and Morris to contact Renato to discuss the fact that their contact in Italy was offering those films also to try and clear up the confusion and something could have come of it.

            In spite of the source of the licensing, I still hope the AWE release happens and that it is a success. I know Mads and everyone there will make a fantastic release out of need look no further than the sleeve they have already come up with and their previous releases to see they have talent, passion and respect for this stuff! It's just a shame that Slater may be tainting it...

            Perhaps they will be interested in some other Polselli film long as they are prepared to bitch-slap 2 or 3 other companies who claim to own the rights on the same films?
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