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Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection Coming To Blu-ray!

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    It won't matter to much to the 'mericans, because the collection is only 23.99 on, but if you order the new blu-ray set from, the Crime Collection is only 24.99 with free shipping worldwide, and available as of the 17th or January.

    On, it was 37.99 plus taxes. Score!


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      First review I've seen, with a few screen caps too!
      Rock! Shock! Pop!


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        My set shipped from Raro Video yesterday. Schwing!


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          I received a message from Erin at Raro yesterday to say they'd run out of stock already! They're pressing more for shipping mid Feb. A small wait for me, but it's great news for them... hopefully it'll give them the confidence to release a BD of THE PERFUME OF THE LADY IN BLACK.


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            Coming in April...


            The Boss

            In the 1970s the crime film flourished in Italy as the country went through years of political and social unrest, the so-called ‘Years of Lead’. Italian movie producers would capitalise on these times by producing cheap, violent movies about the country’s organised crime and corruption, establishing the genre of the poliziotteschi. One of the most celebrated poliziottesco directors was Fernando Di Leo, a director as concerned with telling entertaining stories as he was with creating socially relevant backdrops. In Di Leo’s The Boss, Henry Silva plays mob enforcer Nick Lanzetta, who assassinates key members of a rival gang in order to put his boss in a position to seize power. However, one surviving member of the gang, Cocchi (Pier Paolo Capponi, The Cat o' Nine Tails) plots his revenge involving corrupt cop Torri (Gianni Garko, If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death), leading to a bloody series of double-crosses and power plays to find who will ultimately become the boss.


            2020 4K restoration of the original negative, presented in the original Italian version and the shorter English export cut, on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK
            Uncompressed mono PCM audio
            Audio commentary by critic Rachael Nisbet
            New interview with Fernando Di Leo biographer Davide Pulici
            Archival documentary Mafia Stories featuring stars Gianni Garko, Pier Paolo Capponi, producer Armando Novelli and director Fernando Di Leo among others (24 mins)
            Original trailer
            Image gallery
            Reversible sleeve featuring artwork based on original posters
            New and improved English subtitle translation
            Limited edition booklet with new writing by Italian crime expert and scholar Giulio Olesen and an archival interview with Di Leo
            Limited edition of 3000 copies, presented in full-height Scanavo packaging with limited edition booklet and reversible sleeve
            This item is not included in the multi-month Bundle Package "2024 Bundle", customers who ordered this package will not receive this release.

            Click image for larger version

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            Rock! Shock! Pop!