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The Complete Lenzi/Baker Giallo Collection Box Set from Severin

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    I've always loved the freakishly abrupt ending of the U.S. PARANOIA version (and still prefer the optical f/x of those end credits), but the ORGASMO ending certainly flows better.


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      This release makes me want to run out and buy a blu ray player. Doesn't happen very often. I'm jealous on this one. I love all the films in this set (actually Knife Of Ice kinda sucks come to think of it).

      I think Orgasmo was the first Giallo I ever saw. Came across it on late night tv, loved it, recorded it, and then taped over it with Tour Dr France highlights because I figured I'd buy a DVD when one got released.. Then there wasn't a DVD release for the decade or more I had a player. So many regrets back then.
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        Severin made a wise decision to only include the title track from KNIFE OF ICE on the QUIET PLACE TO KILL/SO SWEET SO PERVERSE cd, that's all you need from Giombini's score (they already used that track over the menu for ALL THE COLORS OF GIALLO).
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          This finally arrived today. Great looking set! Although, Severin really needs to up their QC on their black cases. There have been some form of damage on almost every single one I've received from them. Knife Of Ice had some sort of weird dents in the plastic on the back side. I switched it out with their Byleth release case. So now that one is damaged instead. When they had blue cases I never experienced this issue. Are black cases cheaper or something?

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