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    Damn, there's more titles then I expected. I didn't realize they owned Pigs.
    "Ah! By god's balls what licentiousness!"

    Marquis de Sade, The 120 Days of Sodom.


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      Still no release date, am I right?
      Can't wait to get this! Umberto Lenzi and Tomas Milian were such a great pairing!
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      "Some roads you shouldn't go down."
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        Rome Armed to the Teeth (1976)

        ***ARTWORK REVEAL***
        Coming soon from Grindhouse Releasing! Umberto Lenzi's “The Tough Ones” AKA “Rome Armed to the Teeth” (1976) 2-Disc Deluxe Edition Blu-ray+CD soundtrack!!!
        Official release date and features coming soon!


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          Originally posted by Alex K. View Post
          Holy shit! It's finally getting released. Isn't this the last Grindhouse title that was yet to be released?
          They've STILL to release S F Brownrigg's Scum of the Earth.


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            Rock! Shock! Pop!


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              I wonder if this will just be the italian version. The original US version was supposed to have some alternate insert shots showing American streets and landmarks etc


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                I never thought this would come out, but great that it will. Will be hard not to upgrade.


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                  Release date is 7/9/19.


                  Umberto Lenzi, legendary director of CANNIBAL FEROX, kicked off the Italian police film craze with this hyper-kinetic, ultra-violent, brain-blasting action thriller. Maurizio Meril stars as an Italian DIRTY HARRY, punching and shooting his way through the sleazy drug, sex and crime infested cesspool of mid-'70s Rome, on the trail of a sadistic, machine gun-toting hunchback, played by Tomas Milian (star of THE BIG GUNDOWN).


                  “One of the most gonzo, over-the-top Euro crime films you'll ever see.”
                  - American Cinematheque

                  “Containing little idealism and much violence for the sake of violence…director Umberto Lenzi keeps his action, cast and cameras moving along at a fast clip.”
                  - Variety

                  “The quintessential 'Polizieschi' movie. It has all the ingredients necessary - Alfa Romeo cars, stereotypical bad guys, angry 'beat the system' cops and lashings of over the top violence.”
                  - Jonny Redman, LoveLockandLoad

                  SPECIAL FEATURES
                  - Original UNRATED, UNCENSORED director's cut
                  - Mastered in eye-popping 4K resolution for maximum detail and impact
                  - Optional Italian language soundtrack with optional English subtitles
                  - Audio commentary by Mike Malloy, director of EUROCRIME!
                  - Brand new, in-depth interviews with director Umberto Lenzi, actors Tomas Milian, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Sandra Cardini, Maria Rosaria Riuzzi and Corrado Solari, screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti, and composer Franco Micalizzi
                  - Special tribute to Marizo Merli with appearances by Enzo Castellari and Ruggero Deodato
                  - Vintage VHS intro by cult movie superstar Sybil Danning!
                  - Original international theatrical trailer
                  - Liner notes by Italian crime film expert Roberto Curti
                  - Deluxe embossed slip cover
                  - BONUS CD - original soundtrack album by Franco Micalizzi - newly remastered in stunning 24 bit/192khz sound from the original master tapes
                  -AND OTHER SURPRISES!

                  LIMITED BONUS
                  Custom 30-Caliber Metal Bullet Pen - Strictly Limited to 2500 Units!

                  Diabolik pre-order is here.
                  Rock! Shock! Pop!


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                    Originally posted by Keeth View Post
                    I think I had this film on German dvd packaged in one of those hardcover-type cases.
                    Yeah this one was released by New Entertainment limited to 600 Black Cover one, with english subs (and there's a white cover one without english subs).

                    I'm really considering a doubledip here, as it's one of the best of it's kind imo. Now someone needs to release Banditi a Milano aswell(!)


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                      Franco Micalizzi


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                        Goddamn back when they announced this everyone was alive. Now half of them are dead.

                        Oh well, at least we're finally getting it. Day one.


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                          Just preordered it from cdwow. Never seen this one before. I'm excited.

                          Oh, not on Cauliflower! Oh, not on Broccoli!


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                            Was there a problem with the first pressing? Diabolik is advertising this as the "2nd pressing" in the description now.

                            EDIT: Never mind. The 2nd pressing is just missing the "bullet pen". Who cares.
                            Matt H.
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                              Originally posted by Matt H. View Post
                              Was there a problem with the first pressing? Diabolik is advertising this as the "2nd pressing" in the description now.

                              EDIT: Never mind. The 2nd pressing is just missing the "bullet pen". Who cares.
                              Horace. :D


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                                Looks like 88 are releasing this one soon?

                                Click image for larger version

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                                Rock! Shock! Pop!