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    Does this exist in multiple versions, or have I imagined that? I seem to recall talk of a longer cut, perhaps a German release, but can't find any reference to alternate versions or different running times online.
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    There's at least 2 I know of. It's Jess Franco, there couldn't possibly only be one version!!!


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      Agreed. I believe a different version was released in Germany but can't find any information as to how it differs.


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        I am sure I had something about that somewhere, I'll check and get back to you. Apologies in advance if I have nothing!


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          The Italian version is slightly different too, as I understand - so that's three versions: the German version, the US version and an Italian cut.

          I believe these are the opening and closing scenes exclusive to the Italian cut,

          'You know, I'd almost forgotten what your eyes looked like. Still the same. Pissholes in the snow'

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            German version is a bit longer, I'll copy a post that details the changes.
            The Italian version was created without Franco's involvement, and he was surprised to hear of the 'skull' ending.

            The Blue Underground DVD of SUCCUBUS has a total runtime of 79 min 16 sec NTSC, and the German language DVD of NECRONOMICON from Laser Paradise has a total runtime of 78 min 16 sec PAL. When this time is corrected for NTSC, the runtime is roughly 81 min 24 sec. Here is a breakdown of the footage that is exclusive to NECRONOMICON:

            08:26-08:53 26 seconds
            When Lorna discovers the furniture inventory list in Bill's apartment, she sings a song using the words on the list as lyrics, after which she begins her striptease. The English print omits her song and cuts directly to the striptease.

            11:59-12:29 30 seconds
            Lorna's seduction of Bill in his bed is extended. She unties his robestring and runs her hand under the robe and up to his chest before clawing his chest and kissing it. The English print cuts directly to the kissing/clawing.

            31:18-31:36 18 seconds
            At the party, the cross-dresser rambles on about somebody stealing his "pink paper". The English print cuts this shot.

            33:21-33:27 6 seconds
            At the party, Ralf reads out loud a bit more before Lorna goes into her floor crawl. "And will the ground not open up...". This shot is not in the English print.

            57:39-57:48 9 seconds
            After Lorna discovers that Bill has left for Berlin without her, she sits and stares sadly. This shot is not in the English print.

            1:05:26-1:05:44 18 seconds
            The shot through the aquarium is extended in the German print. The focus changes to emphasize Bill and Lorna having sex. This shot is shortened in the English print, omitting the focus change.

            1:06:11-1:06:16 5 seconds
            Lorna's fellow S&M act performers whisper to each other about her while watching her before rehearsal. The English print cuts directly to Bill running through the streets of Berlin to meet Pierce.

            1:16:34-1:18:16 1 min 42 seconds
            Picture goes to black and piano exit music is heard

            These are the shots in NECRONOMICON that are not found in SUCCUBUS. There may some other small snippets that I missed, but I'm fairly certain that this is the majority of the unique material to be found in NECRONOMICON. In total, the differences account for 3 min 42 sec of runtime when corrected for NTSC. If this footage were added to SUCCUBUS to create an "uncut" composite, the resulting print would have a grand total runtime of 82 min 58 secs.

            from a tv broadcast of the rare Italian variant


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              John, that is really helpful.


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                Italian version is shorter by about 10 minutes, with , I think, a different ending. The only version I know of is where that still is taken from, a TV broadcast, in italian language only.