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Giochi Erotici Di Una Famiglia Per Bene (1975)

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  • Giochi Erotici Di Una Famiglia Per Bene (1975)

    Can't find an English translation of that title. What would it be... Erotic Games of A Good Family? The film was in Spanish actually though I can't find a Spanish title for it either. Anyway....

    Stumbled across this the other day. It's a Renato Polselli scripted giallo starring Erika Blanc, two names that are more than enough to sell me on just on any concept no matter how ludicrous it is and this ones very ludicrous indeed. It's also, I think, a minor classic no matter what it's tepid score of 5.1 on imdb might have you believe.

    An upright prig of a guy kills his wife when he catches her in bed with another. He tosses her corpse down a cliff and then takes up with a hot prostitute (Blanc) while doing his damndest to shag his niece (also hot. As was the wife come to that...). All the while he's haunted by his wifes ghost and recieving threatening "I know what you did" calls on the telephone. It's one of those twisty, turny, an occasional murder, people driving other people mad, inheritances in the offing gialli which are close to being my favourite type.

    Doesn't make a lick of sense of course but that's all part of the fun. Polselli really does write deranged well. Disappointed the husband and the wife don't get more time together. Their scenes early on have a dementia to them that recalls Delirio Caldo. Things do get more conventional after that but it's still never dull. Has a good nihilistic capper as well. And it's short at 78 minutes which with my dwindling attention span is a Good Thing.

    Also has an interesting instance of one of my pet film obsessions which is actors turning up in different films with the same costume (sidebar would be a good idea for a thread. Like spot the J&B but harder work and more rewarding). Near the end Blanc turns up in that jumpsuit with the hole in the midriff from Devils Nightmare. Makes you wonder if it was part of her own wardrobe. You hope so...
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    Originally posted by Dom D View Post
    Can't find an English translation of that title. What would it be... Erotic Games of A Good Family?
    'Well-To-Do/Respectable Family' would be a more accurate title, I think.

    I've seen this a number of years ago and remember liking it. It's quite intimate; the set-up works well and there are some blackly humorous moments, as I recall. The plot has some strong similarities with LA VERITA SECONDO SATANA, if I remember correctly.

    I think the Italian version is a little longer than the Spanish cut, but I'm not sure what the exact differences are.
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