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  • New Hammer Movie - The Lodge

    Press release!

    New Hammer Movie! - The Lodge

    HAMMER | SEPTEMBER 7, 2017



    New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA - Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 - FilmNation Entertainment announced today that they have acquired rights to finance acclaimed directors Veronika Franz's and Severin Fiala's THE LODGE. FilmNation will handle international sales and will co-represent the US sale with WME Global. The screenplay was written by Sergio Casci, Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, from an original idea by Sergio Casci. Franz and Fiala (GOODNIGHT MOMMY) will direct as their first English language film. Hammer Films' Simon Oakes and Marc Schipper are producing. Casting is currently underway and principal photography is set to begin in January.

    FilmNation VP, Production & Acquisitions Brad Zimmerman brought the project in and will oversee on behalf of the company, and Aliza James is overseeing the project and executive producing for Hammer.

    THE LODGE tells the story of a young woman and her new stepchildren who are menaced by a terrifying supernatural force while spending Christmas in their remote cabin.

    “We couldn't be happier to be working with Hammer and FilmNation on our first English language film. As genre filmmakers, we are incredibly excited to add our movie to the Hammer canon, and FilmNation has demonstrated time and again bold decisions in choosing which films and filmmakers to back. With both of these companies behind us, we feel the support to make the movie as we see it in our heads, and we are excited to be moving forward,” said Franz and Fiala.

    “When we saw Veronika and Severin's extraordinarily chilling and super smart first film GOODNIGHT MOMMY, we knew Sergio's story was the perfect project to bring to them for their English language debut, and we have loved every minute of developing the project with the three of them. We are now absolutely thrilled that FilmNation have come on board to help make the film a reality. They are a hugely savvy outfit with a great track record of supporting creative filmmakers who make bold and distinctive quality films. From our very first conversations about the project, it was clear that FilmNation absolutely understood the film we're all setting out to make, and we very much look forward to working with them to bring our collective vision to the screen,” said Hammer Films.

    “We're so excited to see Veronika and Severin's style and wit applied to this mesmerizing story. We have ideal partners in Hammer and look forward to disturbing and thrilling audiences worldwide,” said FilmNation Entertainment Co-Heads of Production & Acquisitions Aaron Ryder and Ben Browning.

    The deal was brokered with Hammer Films and WME Global by FilmNation's Ryder and Browning and EVP Business & Legal Affairs Alison Cohen.

    Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala are repped by WME and Jackoway Tyerman.
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    Nice to see Hammer back. I will give this a chance even if I feel a little lukewarm towards this announcement right now.


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      I wish they had stayed on course with WINCHESTER, as that seems more up their alley (at least it's a period piece). But ultimately, this is another 'ghost' type movie. I'm really tired of those; most viewers are, which is why any that aren't Conjuring movies at this point are bombs. Here's an idea, Hammer: Film that GASLIGHT script you have, or remake THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN like you promised. Anything with some kind of traditional monster...


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        Blu-ray release is coming out in May.
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          Originally posted by C.D. Workman View Post
          I wish they had stayed on course with WINCHESTER, ...
          I realize this is years after the fact but holy god WINCHESTER was a horrible movie. One of the worst I've seen in recent years. Helen Mirren was laughably bad in it. Her and the movie were both nominated for a Golden Raspberry award. It's a shame because there's a good story in there but wow did they drop the ball. I haven't seen THE LODGE but the trailer at least looks competent.
          "When I die, I hope to go to Accra"


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            The Lodge,

            I saw this int he theatre, a bit over a week back. Only a handful were playing it, so, I figured, Why not, looked decent enough....

            Ok. It starts off, decent enough. When that woman is going through her purse, I didn't totally expect it. So far, so good.

            After that, and the lodge comes into play, the movie gets dragged out WAAAAAAAAAAY longer than it needed to be. This should have been a 90, maybe 100min movie. This a bit over 2 hours stuff was not needed. Also, there is some artsy fartsy thing, where they keep cutting to this kid's dollhouse. This has nothing to do with the movie, as far as I could tell. I even read some reviews afterwards, to see if someone could clue me into it, and, one reviewr mentioned maybe the director, whomever, saw Heriditary a bit too much. Remember that woman and the dolls? Anyway....

            The Lodge does have a decent enough plot, something good could have come out of it, but, the delivery, it's too drawn out.

            A positive, Alicia Silverstone gets naked. Alicia Silverstone's ass, and breasteses are a nice bonus feature to, "The Lodge".

            Now, would I watch this again? Maybe... If I was given the choice to watch this, or the Suspiria remake again, oh, that's easy, I'd watch The Lodge again. Now, would I rather watch, "Mother!" or "The Lodge" again... I dunno, that's a tough one, but, I'd have to say, "Mother!".

            The Lodge. A decent enough plot, but it seems somehow, along the way, it got bloated, added some artsy dollhouse stuff, and just felt it could have been better. Alicia Silverstone being naked was cool, though. I thought, during the movie, "Oh, that's nice, maybe that will happen more".

            The ending could have been a bit better, it doesn't really wrap up. At the credits, i exclaimed to the 12 or so other people in the theatre with me, "That's it!?!?!??!"

            So, The Lodge, it just felt like it could have been better.


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              Originally posted by Dick Ringeisen View Post
              A positive, Alicia Silverstone gets naked.
              It never hurts I feel.


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                Originally posted by John Bernhard View Post
                It never hurts I feel.
                Huh, I didn't know Alicia was in that movie, "You're Next"....

                Those campaigns, Peta... some people aren't all for crazy stuff like, "No wool", and would rather just look at the bare ass.

                No boobies there, though. Her boobies are in, "The Lodge".