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When are they EVER going to give it a rest? Or maybe just shut up and go away...

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  • When are they EVER going to give it a rest? Or maybe just shut up and go away...

    Found this today, while surfing the 'net, dated 21/02/11...

    More wind-bagging from the Redemption camp...

    ...but when you look up these "new releases" on Amazon UK...

    "New" and future Redemption releases just get the same old crap trotted out in new packaging. Requiem for a Vampire is already a write-off, as someone at the Redemption camp advised me via email that they aren't willing to spend money resubmitting it to the BBFC so they're re-releasing the same old cut version they always have. And, of course, Franco's The Demons is a totally buggered release as they never bothered to subtitle the passages in French they spliced in from another (tape) master and just put it out looking like a half-arsed bootleg. No, I take that back, most bootleggers would at least "fan-sub" their pirate to make it worthwhile.

    As I've always said, they were great in the VHS days for bringing lots of Euro-cult to the public...but that's the past, man. Gone, done and dusted. There's been a whole gaggle of labels that have superceded them in every way imaginable since then --and if you're just going to trot out the same old cut, non-anamorphic, interlaced transfers from a decade ago on DVD, why bother at all? I just can't believe that the company is trying to clutch futilely at twenty year old glories when the world has moved on and home entertainment technology has advanced so far ahead of them. My advice? Give it a rest, hey...

    In other news, Blue Underground (a REAL company, that has embraced new technology) have announced they're putting out Torso on Blu-ray in July.

    See the difference? ;)

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    There was a time not all that long ago that I used to look forward to new Redemption releases - but that time has passed. I would love to see them upgrade their catalogue as they've got some awesome stuff but I really don't see that happening any time soon, which is a shame. Encore at least tried to get Rollin's stuff out in better versions, but sadly couldn't finish the project.
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      Redemption's recent release of Rollin's SCHOOLGIRL HITCHHIKERS has three chapter stops. Classy.


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        I don't know what you're griping about. That should make it much easier to find what you're looking for.


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          Yeah, but I should buy SCHOOLGIRL HITCHHIKERS anyway, right?

          It's a real shame Encore didn't quite get round to Fascination before bowing out.