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    Mediabook (Bluray+Dvd)

    Cover a limited and numbered to 333 copies
    Cover b numbered and limited to 333 copies
    Cover c numbered and limited to 333 copies
    Cover d subways nearby, limited to 111 copies numbered

    A young dancer will be witness to a brutal murder and even almost to the victim. During the alleged offender is hunting the woman, the police investigations, which is initially on a tape, which restrict by chance important notes. Unfortunately, more innocent people with the thing to do, after all, and after a visit from the killer. When the friend of the dancer takes private investigation seems to close the circle!

    A wonderful giallo full of classic style and an exciting staging wait here in the world than HD-premiere on, re-mastered from 4 K-transfer.

    HD WORLD PREMIERE OF 4 K-transfer of the full original version.
    - Italian version with German subtitles
    - 16 Pages Tene Bra Rum-Booklet by Martin legs with an analytical view to " il gato dağlı occhi di gida '
    - German trailer
    - audio comma ntar by Dr. Kai Naumann
    - Italian trailer
    - Radio Spot 1 AND 2
    - Tene Bra Rum - Poster Analysis (HD movie)
    - tenebrarum - deep bideo (HD-film)
    - tene bra rum - cat with the jade eyes (HD movie)
    - Italian early
    - two short films by Antonio Bido
    - Promotional Material + Photos
    - interview with Antonio Bido

    Length: 95 minutes (BD), 92 minutes (DVD)
    Format: 1,85 (1080 P / 24 FPS) / Anamorph 16:9
    Language: German, Italian
    Subtitles: English, German

    May 2017

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    I really hated this flick.
    "Ah! By god's balls what licentiousness!"

    Marquis de Sade, The 120 Days of Sodom.


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      From the 88 Films FB page:

      Surprise Easter Announcement #1

      Scheduled for general release in Q3, here is a sneak peak of the limited edition slipcase artwork and also some comparison grabs.

      Antonio Bido, the man who won understandable cult acclaim with his stylish stalker-thriller BLOODSTAINED SHADOW (1978), helmed one of the defining giallo shockers in 1977's nightmarish WATCH ME WHEN I KILL. For fans of yellow-peril, golden age, Italian black-gloved killer mayhem, it does not get any better than this suspenseful murder-mystery which follows an animalistic, knife-happy maniac as he cuts and drowns his victims to prohibit a historic secret emerging. Exactly why the dead bodies are piling up confuses the authorities - but the reasoning behind this sudden slash 'em up activity proves both jarring and jaggedly horrible. And look out for an appearance from legendary Italian genre veteran Paolo Malco (THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY/ THE NEW YORK RIPPER) and a sizzling soundtrack from art prog-rockers Trans-Europe Express!

      Even seasoned giallo buffs are sure to embrace the many thrills and chills of WATCH ME WHEN I KILL, remastered in 4k by the Euro-gore embracing enthusiasts at 88 Films!

      Click image for larger version

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      Rock! Shock! Pop!


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        Rock! Shock! Pop!


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          This might have saved me some money, the much cheaper option


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            88 Films just announced this one.


            The Italian Collection continues with the release of one of the most underrated Italian shockers ever to slash its way onto celluloid!

            RUGBY, UK: Few fans of the golden age of Italian gore could have predicted that a comparative obscurity such as WATCH ME WHEN I KILL (1977) might still be remembered forty years after its initial release. Yet it is a testament to this terror title's enduring images of perversion, plasma-spillage and potent murder-mystery hijinks that it is now remastered in a gorgeous new 4k HD scan by 88 Films and given the bells and whistles treatment! Building up a sizeable fanbase over the decades -understandably adamant that director Antonio Bido (famous for his similarly stylish sickie THE BLOODSTAINED SHADOW) deserves his rightful place in the pantheon of all time giallo-director greats - WATCH ME WHEN I KILL is a captivating carnage-packed classic that deserves your immediate attention. Far from being an Argento-lite epic of black-gloved brutality, Bido's brilliance shines through from every moment of this masterly controlled chiller.

            When a pharmacist is slaughtered, the culprit believes he has been spotted by a rogue female onlooker. Naturally she is soon pegged as his next victim… but her life depends on identifying him before he tracks her down - and with the smell of her sweat leaving a few too many nods to her whereabouts, the heat is more definitely on! With a twisted - and consistently twisting - tale of post-war guilt, not to mention a sophisticated (if ever-so-slightly sleazy) Agatha Christie-style whodunit narrative, WATCH ME WHEN I KILL has never been given its proper due on home video, least of all in the UK. Consistently retitled and re-released, this fright-filled masterwork is now ready to entertain and entice a whole new generation of fear-fans - thanks to the giallo-lovers at 88 Films, who are happy to offer horror-hounds a truly tempting package of blood-splattered excellence!

            Arriving on UK BluRay complete with a fresh 4k scan, WATCH ME WHEN I KILL also boasts two short films from Antonio Bido that, to this day, have been rarely exposed to the public - and 88 Films is also thrilled to present a brand new interview with academic Mikel Koven, of the University of Worcester, who penned the essential giallo tome LA DOLCE MORTE. For die-hard lovers of lacerating Italian esotericism, 88 Films offers a limited wraparound slip - highlighting the original art work from its initial bow in cinemas throughout Rome and Milan - and a collector's booklet by Dr. Calum Waddell. It all adds up to a sinisterly superb release - as only 88 Films can provide!

            WATCH ME WHEN I KILL is available to pre-order now, priced £14.99 from 88 Films direct:

            ABOUT US:

            88 Films has long become the favoured British distributor for those who like unpretentious and unapologetically outrageous entertainment. From remastering a number of forgotten frighteners in crisp HD for the 88 'Slasher Classics' range to bringing the best of Italian horror back to the mainstream, and even re-introducing Hong Kong genre mania back to the country's shelves, our ambition is to continue to create a world of high quality shock and awe for paracinema-addicts across the world to collect and cherish!
            Rock! Shock! Pop!


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	B073LF8BWP_800x.jpg
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	watch_me_when_i_kill_slipcase_800x.jpg
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              New 4K Transfer from the original negative
              Uncompressed English LPCM Mono
              Uncompressed Italian LPCM Mono with newly translated English Subtitles
              Danza Macabra and Mendelsson in Judischen Museum, Berlin, 2 Short Films by Director Antonio Bido
              Interview with Academic, Mikel Coven

              TECHNICAL SPECS
              Region Code: B
              Audio: Dual Mono LPCM 2.0
              Picture: 1080p HD 1.85:1
              Runtime: 95 mins approx
              Language English & Italian
              Subtitles: English
              Rock! Shock! Pop!


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                Except they posted that pre-order link, when In fact you cant pre-order