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Private Vice Public Virtues Coming To Blu-ray From Mondo Macabro

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  • Private Vice Public Virtues Coming To Blu-ray From Mondo Macabro

    From FB:

    "Retail version will be out in September. But you'll be able to buy it early from our webstore with an exclusive slipcover and booklet in July! Pre-order coming soon ..."

    Click image for larger version

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I'm totally in for this one


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      I've heard of this one, but never seen it, but it's Mondo Macabro, I'll get it, I've loved all their blu ray releases so far, not to mention I have a good many of their DVD releases and I loved those too. This one should be a fun, they did up the strangest stuff.


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        I haven't seen a single Jancso film. Major blank spot on my film map actually, the larger part of eastern Europe. 😳 Will buy this anyway, without having any idea if this is the right depth to jump in on. I should probably start with Red Psalm or The Red and the White I guess.


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          Probably the best all-round existing Jancsí³ DVD factoring in both artistic merit and technical presentation (a fairly major issue with a lot of his films, sadly) is Second Run's Red Psalm. Their disc of The Confrontation is also excellent, but I'm not sure I'd recommend that one for Jancsí³ virgins - it's one of his denser and more political films.

          The Round-Up and The Red and the White are both absolutely stunning as films, but the Hungarian DVDs (MaNDA) are markedly better than the British (Second Run) and especially the French (Clavis) ones.

          Although My Way Home might be a better bet for complete beginners - it's not full-on Jancsí³ stylistically, but in compensation it has a rather more engrossing story than his later, more narratively abstract work. And the Second Run DVD is excellent.

          A note of caution: Jancsí³ can be quite tricky to get into. He's so completely original (there really is no-one else even vaguely like him, and his two acknowledged acolytes, Theo Angelopoulos and Béla Tarr, have quite distinct styles of their own) that your first reaction may well be similar to mine: marvelling at the staggering visual virtuosity (on Red Psalm, excerpted here, he had to hire two additional camera team members just to keep things in focus) while being largely baffled by what exactly was going on. So I recommend going with the flow at first and worrying about what it all means later.
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