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Artsploitation Films Releasing Bunny The Killer Thing

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  • Artsploitation Films Releasing Bunny The Killer Thing

    Press release!

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 25, 2016 - If American did not self-implode when Donald Trump proclaimed his appendage was nothing short of monumental, than sure, America and all its genre film-loving fans will welcome star of BUNNY THE KILLER THING- a six foot tall fucking and killing rabbit with an 18-inch long schlong.

    Artsploitation Films, in conjunction with FilmRise, has released the Finnish horror comedy on DVD and Blu-ray March 22nd and the film will enjoy its VOD premiere on most of the prime VOD outlets beginning May 16, 2016.

    Filmed mostly in English by promising young director Joonas Makkonen, the bloody hilarious spoof follows a group of young adults who head to a remote cabin for a winter weekend. But soon they are confronted a half man, half creature who is compelled to stick his dangerously large penis into anything that resembles female genitals. Naked women (and men) are forced to flee into the snowy wilderness, Blood is soon shed and all kinds of human orifices are violated as the vocabulary-challenged Mr. Bunny ("Pussy!" is the limit of his words) wreaks havoc on the unsuspecting vacationers. Equal parts camp, gore, and comedy, Bunny has been described as, 'Goofy, irreverent, and delightfully perverted' by

    Artsploitation's Ray Murray warns concerned parents, cinematic conservatives and sense-of-humor-deprived feminists that Bunny can be seen as a horribly offensive film that wallows in scenes of rape, gratuitous nudity, bloody murders and all forms of sexual depravity. But for amoral genre film fans it is simply a hilarious, inventive and blood-drenched spoof of monster movies...with gratuitous nudity.

    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I rented this earlier this week.

    Bunny the Killer Thing (Finland, 2015) [DVD] - 2/5
    Finland finally managed its 1st internationally "recognized" horror film with this splatter comedy about a giant rapist rabbit creature running around yelling "pussy" and chasing anything that even remotely resembles one. Naturally it raised some eyebrows in Finland, with morally offended reviewers calling it "a pile of shit" and the "worst movie ever made". In reality, it's just another low budget splatter comedy made by young men with infantile sense of humour. It's neither good nor terribly bad. Technically the film is relatively ok, and the (rather limited) splatter is all practical effects. It does get a little tiresome though, and could be 20 minutes shorter. It is also certainly "bad taste" by Western standards; from a Japanese perspective however this is pretty tame stuff. Speaking of which, the Japanese DVD release comes with an audio commentary by Yoshihiro Nishimura and Yudai Yamaguchi. "Beautiful naked sweaty people getting drunk in sauna" was Nishimura's impression of Finland. I'm not sure about the "beautiful" part, but he got the rest right!