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X-Rated Releasing Argento's Trauma, Phantom Of The Opera & Sleepless

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  • X-Rated Releasing Argento's Trauma, Phantom Of The Opera & Sleepless

    From FB:

    Click image for larger version

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    Mangled translation time!

    Today is the ECC #20 listed! Special feature: The ECC-Booklet-size is larger than usual, namely 24 pages!

    You can choose between 2 Editions:

    1. Mediabook-3-Pack together with trauma and sleepless including 2 WONDERFUL TENE BRA RUM-Booklets. The UK-PRICE OF ALL 3 WILL BE OF ONLY 2.

    2. Mediabook (cover b with the ITALIAN LOCA DINA)


    Dario Argento Phantom of the opera

    Danish Krone Cult-Collection #20 (Mediabook DVD / Blu-Ray)
    Eurocult-Collection #20 A, #20 B, #20 C (3 Mediabooks DVD/Blu-ray)
    HD-world premiere

    Special-Edition with a separately thicker booklet (24 pages) than usual in the ECC-series usual.

    Alternatively as argento-3-Mediabook-Package-Set (ECC #20 a, 20 b, 20 c) together with trauma and sleepless, what 2 WONDERFUL TENE BRA RUM-issues about Dario Argento contain, Limited and numbered on only 666 piece
    (this edition will be priced led under the motto: 3 media books for the price of 2!!!)
    Ean 4260252115402 (3-Pack)

    Or as a simple 1-Mediabook (cover b) Limited and numbered on 888 pieces.
    Ean 4260252115419

    In the catacombs under the Paris Opera lives the so-called Phantom, grew up as an orphan in rats. It provides in fine regularity for death and destruction among those who annoy his rats or in his dark underworld intrusion. One day the phantom strikes on the young opera singer Christine. There is an inexplicable bond between the two. While the police because of the numerous murders the phantom on the trail is coming, Christine unintentionally in mortal danger. The Opera and his underworld to be scene of love, death and destruction.

    The last great argento-film, still in Germany on a Blu-Ray Release was waiting for is here now, as a HD-World Premiere, and for the first time as an Italian unrated-version released. A laborious spectacle, a perplexing Asia Argento and crude effects round off this masterpiece from.

    - for the first time the Italian unrated version, either in Italian language 2.0 or 5.1 with German subtitles, respectively. In German language, also available in either 2.0 or 5.1
    - extra thick booklet with 24 pages, written by Argento-Kenner Kai Naumann. As a bonus, there is the last interview with voice actor Norbert Gastell, who died last year and, unfortunately, in this film the pour dieu has lent his voice.
    - German trailer
    - Italian trailer
    - English trailer
    - interesting audio commentary by wants to Prof. Dr. Marcus Stig tasty and author kai naumann
    - Italian Tv-spot
    - interesting making-of with look behind the scenes of the shooting
    - interview with Julian Sands (with German subtitles)
    - English alternative pre-and end credits
    - Italian Promotional Material (Gallery)
    - German Promotional Material (Gallery)
    - Camera-raw material
    Length: 104 minutes (Blu-Ray), 100 minutes (DVD)
    Format: 1.85:1 / 1080 P 24 FPS (Bluray) / Anamorph 16:9 (DVD)
    Language: German 2.0, German, Italian, 5.1, 2.0, Italian 5.1
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Looks like it's not English-friendly. :(


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      Xrated said on facebook that Phantom has English subs

      Edited this but is taken from X-rateds facebook page

      Oden Nilsson " No english track or subtitles?"

      X-Rated "subtitles!"

      Oden Nilsson "If there's english subtitles, i'm in! "

      X-Rated "Oden Nilsson yes"
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        Could PHANTOM really be as bad as I remember it to be?


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          I haven't watched it since it came out, but I love the Morricone soundtrack and still listen to it. Far better than the film deserves, as so often is the case with Morricone. The collector in me will get Phantom at some point for the sake of completeness, but probably a cheaper version (if one ever comes out).
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