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MVD Releasing Comin' At Ya 3-D!

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  • MVD Releasing Comin' At Ya 3-D!

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    MVD Entertainment Group has obtained the North American distribution rights to the cult classic film Comin At Ya!, the fan-favorite spaghetti western. The studio plans a 35th Anniversary re-release on home video that includes its debut on Blu-ray 3D. Directed by Ferdinando Baldi (Get Mean, Django, Prepare a Coffin) and written, produced and starring spaghetti western legend Tony Anthony (Blindman, Get Mean, Treasure of the Four Crowns), Comin' at Ya! is largely credited with the 3-D revival in the early 1980's (that spawned Friday the 13th Part III in 3-D, Jaws 3-D, Parasite, Amityville 3-D and many more).

    The deal was negotiated by Eric Wilkinson for MVD and Robbie Little of The Little Film Company on behalf of the filmmakers.

    Independently produced, Comin' at Ya! was originally released theatrically in 1981 by Filmways Pictures and went on to gross over $12,000,000 domestically in only 200 theaters in North America (over $30,000,000 in 2016 dollars when adjusted for inflation), long before independent films were a regular staple in multiplexes. Comin' at Ya! happily embraced the 3-D technology of its time, not only taking advantage of the depth that the technology provided, but also taking every opportunity possible to throw, shoot and point things at the viewer at every possible turn and created a cult classic movie as a result.

    Writer, producer, and star of Comin' At Ya! Tony Anthony said about the movie's 35th anniversary...

    "In the 80's Comin' At Ya! was the first 3D film distributed by a major company since the 50s and it went on to set box-office records and turned Hollywood and the world onto 3D once again", explained Tony. "Films are strange, live-for-ever works of art and as a producer and writer, this is a labor of love. To be able to restore this film with the new technology that's now available, I'm thrilled to finally be able the present this film the way is was meant to be seen."

    The new home video version of Comin' At Ya! was supervised and produced by Tony Anthony himself and Tom Stern (In God's Hands), through his company Sternco 3D. Sourced from a new 4K master, Comin' At Ya! boasts a frame by frame digital conversion of the polarized over-and-under format of the original print, sourced from a brand new internegative into the MVC 3D format and new 5.1 surround sound.

    Eric Wilkinson, MVD Entertainment's Director of Acquisitions and Sales shares Tony Anthony's excitement about the re-release of Comin' At Ya!...

    "I remember this film from when I was a kid. I also remember my parents telling me I wasn't allowed to go see it due to the film's R rating. I finally did get to see this on home video in a less-than-desirable full frame transfer on VHS. I loved it, but always wanted to see this the way it was meant to be seen... in 3D. As a both an acquisitions executive and a fan, I chased this film for years. I'm thrilled to be working with Tony and Tom and bring this back to home video the way that it was meant to be seen. The 3D looks amazing! At one point during the film, I actually ducked!"

    Comin' at Ya! makes is home video debut on January 26, 2016 on Blu-ray 3D/2D (UPC# 760137773795) and 2D DVD (UPC# 760137773696) and Digital / VOD from MVD Entertainment Group.



    © 2016 MVD Entertainment Group
    Directed by: Ferdinando Baldi
    Written By: Wolf Lowenthal, Lloyd Battista and Gene Quintano
    Story By: Tony Anthony
    Produced by: Tony Anthony, Bruce (Brud) Talbot and Stan Torchia
    Executive Producer: Gene Quintano
    Running Time: 91 minutes
    Home Video Version Executive Producers: Tony Anthony, Tom Stern

    BLU-RAY Product Details
    SKU: MVD7737BR
    UPC: 760137773795
    Street Date: 01/26/16
    PreBook Date: 12/22/15
    Label: MVD VISUAL »
    Genre: Western
    Number of Discs: 1
    Audio: 5.1 SURROUND

    DVD Product Details
    SKU: MVD7736D
    UPC: 760137773696
    Street Date: 01/26/16
    PreBook Date: 12/22/15
    Label: MVD VISUAL »
    Genre: Western
    Number of Discs: 1
    Audio: 5.1 SURROUND
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Great name for a 3-D porn film.
    "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


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      Yes! Yes! And yes again! Love it. Treasure of the Four Crowns next up hopefully.


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        The theatrical re-release a few years ago was such a bomb it was quickly aborted, ditto the home video release.
        Something tells me this is a major stinker. Could it be worse than GET MEAN?


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          I saw this on its original release in the early 1980s...aside from its groundbreaking status in the 3-D revival then, it's a pretty awful film. I say this as a fan of Tony Anthony's spaghetti westerns - or at least the three Stranger films - this one's nothing like those. There's plenty of gratuitous 3-D action - literally everything but the kitchen sink comes at the screen at one time or another - but it's sadly a really bad movie. It's amazing how this got such a wide release back then (and it was quite successful at the boxoffice)...all due to the 3-D novelty.
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