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    Toei has found two more Takakura films from their vaults and are putting them out on DVD to celebrate's Takakura's 90th birthday. Out on 2021/11/10.
    - The Devil's Ballad (悪魔の手毬唄) (1961)
    - The Escape (二・二六事件 脱出) (1962)

    I haven't seen The Devil's Ballad, but The Escape is a pretty entertaining military caper based on the Feb. 26 1936 Incident. The incident saw rebel soldiers attempting a coup d'état by committing political assassinations and invading the prime minister's house. However, with no smartphones they committed the fuck-up of the century and accidentally killed the wrong man without realizing the real prime minister was still hiding in the house. Takakura plays a military police in charge of trying to get the prime minister out of the house. Sonny Chiba appears in it briefly as one of the rebel soldiers.


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      Now that's something I'll definitely be ordering! The 1936 Japanese coup attempt is an event I've always found fascinating, despite a criminal lack of books, resources etc about it if you don't speak Japanese.


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        More DVD releases coming from Toei's 70th Anniversary line-up. Jan. 12, 2022:

        - Two Bitches (二匹の牝犬) (1964)
        - Theater of Life - New Hishakaku Story (人生劇場 新 飛車角) (1964)

        Both very good films! I caught both in 35mm some years ago, Two Bitches in a Toei Actresses screening series in Cinema Vera, and New Hishakaku Story in a ninkyo retrospective (also in Cinema Vera). The latter is the 3rd film in Sawashima's thoroughly good Theater of Life trilogy while the former in an excellent Mako Midori film.

        Here's a fun story: I was in a group chat with a legendary Finnish film critic years ago and mentioned in passing that I just came back from Tokyo seeing Two Bitches, and he commented and said he knew the film! He had reviewed it for a newspaper in the early 70s when it had played in Finland in midnight screenings! The senior critics had refused to even see the film. The Finnish title was “Yí¶n naiset” (“Women of the Night”).

        This DVD release is the first time the film has ever been available on home video: it wasn't even released on VHS.


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          Even more DVD releases coming from Toei's 70th Anniversary line-up. Feb. 9, 2022:

          - Seven Fugitives (お尋ね者七人) (1966)
          - The Turkish Bathhouses of Japan (札幌・横浜・雄琴・博多 トルコ渡り鳥) (1975)


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            Toho is finally releasing some of their remaining Kiyoshi Nishimura films on DVD: the masterful thriller Too Young to Die (死ぬにはまだ早い) (1969), the socio-political actioner Attack on the Sun (白昼の襲撃) (1970) and the excellent Hong Kong set hitman action / romance Target of Roses (薔薇の標) (1972).

            There are also re-releases of several other Toho New Action flicks, such as Sun Above, Death Below (狙撃) (1968), Bullet Wound (弾痕) (1969), The Creature Called Man( 豹(ジャガー)は走った) (1970) and Beast Hunt (野獣狩り」(1973).

            All coming July 20, and priced at 2750 yen. Shame about no BDs, though.

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              As per August Ragone, Daigoro Vs. Goliath and War In Space are coming out on Blu-ray in Japan from Toho.



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                Finally! Odessa Entertainment, who did the remastered Taifu Club DVD, are releasing it on BD 2022/11/2. And what's even more surprising, Amazon is listing English subtitles for it.

                Here's hoping Odessa will reissue their other Somai films on BD, particularly P.P. Rider!


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                  Happinet will be releasing Tokyo Bath Harem (女浮世風呂) (1968) on DVD on 2023/09/06!


                  Let's hope we will also get Hichô: Onna ukiyo jôshi (秘帳 女浮世草紙) (1968) which may be a follow-up of some sort, and which may be called Sadistic Violence to 10 Virgins in English (IMDB lists this English title for both films, so I'm not sure which one is correct if either)

                  Both films were directed by Motomu Ida for Aoyama Pro, to be purchased and distributed by Nikkatsu, just like the incredible Confessions of a Lovelace: At Lust’s End (ある色魔の告白 色欲の果て) (1968) which came out between these two films, and which caught on TV last year.