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Radiance Films Releasing Black Tight Killers

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  • Radiance Films Releasing Black Tight Killers

    Coming to Blu-ray in February, 2024!

    Click image for larger version

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I'm really happy to see this one popping up again - I remember it being a lot of fun!

    Also, between this and the inclusion of 'I Am Waiting' on Radiance's 'World Noir' box set, it leads me to hope that some of the great Nikkatsu crime films currently AWOL on blu-ray ('A Colt is My Passport', 'Cruel Gun Story', 'Velvet Hustler', to name but a few) might be on the way... maybe even a blu of Suzuki's 'Gate of Flesh' finally... * fingers crossed emoji *


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      This is great news. Radiance are releasing films very much up my alley and I want them but there's so much good stuff coming out these days it's hard to get it all. First world problems sure but...

      I did just check Radiance's site and happily like other UK labels the exchange rate and shipping makes ordering direct, often significantly cheaper than ordering from Amazon Canada, a good deal. Just put in my order!
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        I remember being psyched to hear this was coming and then forgot about it. Just pre-ordered it at Amazon. Hopefully they will get enough stock. Bump! GREAT film.