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'Baajin Nante Kowakunai' (1984) Dir. Hiroyuki Nasu.

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  • 'Baajin Nante Kowakunai' (1984) Dir. Hiroyuki Nasu.

    Fevered gangs of delinquent biker skells and beery punkers luridly indulge their increasingly baser instincts in this uproariously violent and hyper-exploitative Pinku eiga teen gang-banging shocker! Director,Hiroyuki Nasu rewardingly unleashes a noisome cavalcade of brutal sex, sadistic humiliation, bloody fisticuffs, and feral female street wrestling! No debasement goes unexplored in the appealingly unexpurgated lunacy of Nasu's incorrigible, exhilaratingly non-PC teen-rage rampage Baajin Nante Kowakunai!

    The tempestuous alpha male grandstanding very soon escalates to a wildly adrenalizing chase across Tokyo, culminating in a suitably revved up dick-swinging climax! A gleefully immoral B-Actioner, wherein rape begets rape, a savage beating merits an even bloodier retort, and it's all deliciously sordid, openly misogynistic, and perversely satisfying fun! There's even an incongruently tender lamplit love scene upon a softly puttering barge to romantically sweeten all the wantonly wall-to-wall thuggery! Soft synths, taut biceps, and reciprocally shrill whelps of pleasure abound!

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    The title is actually Virgin nanka kowakunai, not nante. I have no idea why all English language film databases insist on this misspelling...

    My old mini review from five years ago:

    Originally posted by Takuma View Post
    Virgin nanka kowakunai (ヴァージンなんか怖くない) (Japan,1984) [VoD] - 3/5

    The Warriors goes Roman Porno with a shade of Streets of Fire. The storyline kicks off when radio DJ Megu (Miyuki Kamata) offends a crazy punk gang leader who swears to take revenge. Luckily for her, an ex-gang member (Japan’s Michael Sopkiw Ichiro Furusawa) comes to aid. Together they try to escape the enraged gang in the night of Tokyo. There are axes, there are baseball bats, there are nunchakus and bikers with hockey masks, there’s even a female wrestling tag team in the gang. And there is Rikiya Yasuoka as the godfather of all gangs! There’s also tons of rape, and a world record of three consecutive sex scenes (by the time the third one begins, you go from being bored to being astonished and amused; this can’t possibly be happening, can it?).

    I initially dismissed the director of this film, Hiroyuki Nasu, as a hack. But the more I see of his work, the more I think he ought to be recognized as Japan’s 1st true MTV era director. His films are full of montages of teen lovers on bikes, trendy lesbians in trams, and comic book schoolboys leading street gangs, all set to catchy pop music and often played in slow motion. A case in point, Virgin nanka kowakunai opens with lead Kamata cruising through Tokyo, in slow motion, on motorbike, towards Yoyogi park where all the cosplayers and rockabillies gather, with images synchronised to her song “Daddy Cool”. Indeed. Nasu was Japan’s Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott, the Roman Porno edition (and later the Toei version when he helmed the Bebop High School films for them).

    Certainly a unique film in the Roman Porno series, Nikkatsu’s own The Warriors. Or perhaps more like The Bronx Warriors, considering the film’s low budget aesthetics. No matter, it’s an experience for sure. Note: the title Virgin nanka kowakunai is frequently misspelled as Virgin nante kowakukai in English language sources. I have no idea why.

    Bad guys

    chasing the heroes

    Some some reason I keep thinking of Michael Pare in Streets of Fire...

    Rikiya Yasuoka on the left

    A guy who escaped from an Enzo G. Castellari set


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      Looks cool but I wish the print quality was better from the studios.