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Mondo Macabro Releasing Curse Of The Dog God

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  • Mondo Macabro Releasing Curse Of The Dog God


    Going on sale NEXT THURSDAY, September 14th at 9 AM Pacific/12 Noon Eastern, only at!


    Directed by Shunya Ito
    Japan, 1977; 103 minutes; 2.35:1

    A trio of young scientists from the city head out into the countryside to investigate a source of uranium at the base of a sacred mountain. On their way, they carelessly destroy a roadside shrine and run over and kill a dog belonging to a local boy. The boy puts a curse on them and tries to disrupt the wedding when a local girl, Reiko, marries one of the trio.

    Back in the city, the newlyweds are subjected to a string of increasingly disturbing and inexplicable happenings and Reiko slowly goes insane, convinced that her husband has been cursed and that she has been possessed by the spirit of the Dog God. An attempt to exorcise her ends in tragedy when she dies during the ceremony. One of the trio of scientists throws himself off a skyscraper and a second member of the group is fatally attacked by a pack of feral dogs. But these terrible events are only the start of the Curse of the Dog God...

    Written and directed by Shunya Ito, director of the first three of the Female Prisoner Scorpion series of women-in-prison films, CURSE OF THE DOG GOD was one of the earliest Japanese films, in the wake of THE EXORCIST and THE OMEN, to tackle occult themes. Packed full of bizarre and shocking events, it’s a film ripe for rediscovery.


    Region A locked
    World Blu-ray premiere and US home video debut
    Japanese language with optional English subtitles
    New 2K restoration
    New interview with director Shunya Ito
    New interview with NOROI: THE CURSE director Koji Shiraishi
    New audio commentary by Chris Poggiali and Marc Walkow
    Original trailer


    Reversible cover sleeve with brand new art by Justin Coffee on the A side and original Japanese art on the B; full color booklet by Japanese cinema expert Tom Mes; 1500 numbered copies in the usual red case

    All going well, this should begin shipping before the end of September!

    Click image for larger version

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Dog Dog
    Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?


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      Never heard of this, but that director has a good pedigree...

      I'll get my coat...
      I'm bitter, I'm twisted, James Joyce is fucking my sister.


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        I've had a download of 'Curse of The Dog God' knocking about for years, but have never got around to watching it - which perhaps says a lot.

        'Curse of the Dog Dog' on the other hand, I tend to encounter every time I visit the park.

        (I'll also get my coat..)
        BW Haggar
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          Originally posted by Matt H. View Post
          Dog Dog
          Damn it.
          Rock! Shock! Pop!


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            I'm bitter, I'm twisted, James Joyce is fucking my sister.


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              Standard edition coming 1/9/24.

              Click image for larger version

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              Rock! Shock! Pop!


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                Gotta grab all these MM standard editions as ordering direct from the US is just too expensive.


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                  The title is still wrong


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                    Originally posted by Ian Jane View Post

                    Damn it.