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'Blood Hands' (1990) - Teddy Page.

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  • 'Blood Hands' (1990) - Teddy Page.

    Beloved by trash movie cultists the world over, the hugely prolific Filipino action madman, Teddy 'Blood Debt' Page rewardingly teams up with the no less hard-hitting kickboxing star, Sean Donahue and their combined iconoclastic force unleashes a schlocky knock-out blow of non-stop Kickboxing mayhem for rabid action fans! A joyously unhinged, solar plexus pulverising, ribcage-wrecking, bloody-knuckled blast from VHS video's historically head-knocking past, 'Blood Hands' is still feistier than a fridgeful of hornets!

    After four especially unsavoury, diabolically drunken skells escalate a spontaneous alcohol binge into Kickboxing-infused ultra-violence, that, not unexpectedly, culminates gruesomely with the bloody deaths of pretty much everyone outside of big, Steve (Sean Donahue) and his pristine looking, bodaciously boff-able beau Tracy (Kristin Landson). With the sharp astringency of merciless street justice in the air, it is not long before the unforgiving wheels of Kickboxing retribution spin to their inexorable conclusion, with Steve brutally 'kicking' the errant bottom of crime faster than the lugubrious, flat-footed mechanism of the law!

    A bizarrely brief power/training montage heroically hones our righteously vengeful hero, Steve into a deadly intense, iron-girded master of squat-bodied, close quartered death! Steeled for war, Steve luridly cuts a hot crimson swathe through the sports casual clad villains that have done him and his family such monstrous harm. 'Blood Hands' delivers a more than zesty homage to 'Game of Death' that bloodily rounds the hyperbolic punch-fighting proceedings off with a spectacularly spine-shattering climax! With a gonzo, Teddy Page B-Actioner you are guaranteed hectic, rewardingly unrefined fight scenes with no nasty plot shenanigans to soften the hardcore bludgeoning! Just the way god intended!

    'So long, Champ!'

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