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'Angel of Fury' aka 'Triple Cross' (1990) - Ackyl Anwari.

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  • 'Angel of Fury' aka 'Triple Cross' (1990) - Ackyl Anwari.

    Set in the exotic locale of sun-hazed Indonesia, thunder-footed, Kung Fu femme fatale, Cynthia Rothrock is ace security specialist, Nancy Bolan, tasked to covertly deliver a valuable new computer, which fatefully proves to be an exceedingly tricky endeavour that tests, Nancy's uncommonly fierce arsenal of mesmerising martial artistry! The no frills, plentiful bloody spills text is by B-Movie tough guy, Christopher Mitchum, the explosive action briskly directed by cult Indonesian filmmaker, Ackyl Anwari, the delicious maniac behind 'Virgins from Hell' (1987). Cynthia Rothrock's enjoyably kinetic Triple Cross is one of the more thrillingly incendiary fight flicks in her grossly undervalued 90s ouvre!

    Following a disorientatingly grim torture sequence, the adrenalized action begins in blazing earnest with the triumphantly Thug Trashing, Nancy being aggressively pursued by sweaty multitudes of eminently thrashable szeezoids, thereby forcing our high-kicking heroine to unleash a dazzling array of Brutal beatdowns! Anwari remorselessly puts our super-ambulatory heroine through her athletic paces in his non-stop rollercoaster barrage of backstabbing lunacy, high velocity boat chases, crazed inner city bike pursuits, martial arts mayhem and savage Gun-Fu insanity! 'Triple Cross' remains a real 'blink and you'll miss a hundred punches' action extravaganza that will put your disbelieving eyes in traction, baby!

    The frequently outlandish music by composer, Larry Wolf manifests some seriously skewed sonic weirdness which merely sweetens the unbound delirium of Martial Arts madness herein, plus Anwari's frontal lobe-pulverising actioner 'Triple Cross' features one of the more memorable B-Movie lunatics in the deliriously demented guise of, 'Bolt', performed with bravura bellicosity by the miraculously unrestrained Thespian, Peter 'The Stabilizer' O'Brian, and the ubiquitously blood-spattered warehouse showdown energetically provides a spectacularly skull-shattering showcase for the inimitable, unshakable, righteously roundhouse-rocking Rothrock!

    'Bolt!' The notoriously tyrannical terrorist who strikes like lightning is about to get grounded, by a rock...A Cynthia Rothrock!!!!' - Weirdlingwolf.

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