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  • The Sparring Partner

    "Henry Cheung (Yeung Wai Lun) and his friend Angus Tong (Mak Pui-Ting) murder and dismember Cheung’s parents in their apartment. When the trial for the murder case begins, both plead not guilty to the charges. Prosecutor Allen Chu (Michael Chow) posits that the two undoubtedly premeditated and committed murder, while experienced lawyers Wilson Ng (Jan Lamb) and Carrie Yau (Louisa So) serve as defense counsel for Cheung and Tong, respectively. As each side presents their questions and arguments, unclear aspects of the case are brought up, and Tong completely denies all allegations. The truth gets increasingly muddled as the prosecution and defense verbally spar in heated debates and the two defendants put on a show of innocence. In the jury room, nine jurors of different backgrounds vie to speak, and get caught up in a debate between right and wrong."

    Details on the upcoming CN Entertainment Blu-ray release here:

    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Almost sounds like a typical CATIII storyline.