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Discotek Media Releasing Bohachi Bushido: The Villain

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  • Discotek Media Releasing Bohachi Bushido: The Villain

    Coming later this year...

    Click image for larger version

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    "Directed by Takashi Harada, Bohachi Bushido: The Villain, follows a ronin (Goro Ibuki) who is condemned to death sentence. However, he is saved by the notorious Bohachi clan who contemplate to use his sword skills against their rivals. The ronin now finds himself in an inferno of war between brothels and conspiracies."
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Great to see this coming, even if it isn't nearly as good as Teruo Ishii's heavenly masterpiece Bohachi Bushido: Code of the Forgotten Eight (1973). My main gripe with this sequel is that it's actually a direct remake of the original, only with Goro Ibuki in Tetsuro Tamba's role and Reiko Ike as new addition.

    But don't let that put you off. This is still essential for any 70s Japanese genre film / pinky violence / Reiko Ike fan. I'll be buying it for sure.

    Let's hope Toei will do the original film in HD soon, and also Takashi Harada and Goro Ibuki's later, superior Kazuo Koike manga adaptation Hanjiro, A Great Philanderer (下苅り半次郎 マル秘観音を探せ) (1975) which is a pretty insane ninja sexploitation adventure, though much less action packed than the Bohachi bushido films.


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      So excited to see more films like this getting released. Anything with Reiko Ike is a day one for me.

      Forgotten Eight is probably a little better but I love The Villain as well. They're both top tier for me. They are so sleazy and beautiful. I love the opium-induced fight with the nude ninja ladies and the fight in the field.


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        I misread that tile as BOHICA Bushido!