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  • KAIJU-centric site looking for contributors

    I wasn't sure where to put this, here seems good.

    It's not public yet, but my friend and I are starting an official site after doing really well with the FB group he started a couple years back.

    I am the editor in chief, and have gathered contributions from some really amazing people from the film journalism community. People many of us here know from their long list of published work, and Blu-ray commentaries.

    Not another one of those cheerleader sites where it's basically people just saying THIS MOVIE IS SO COOL, but informed and authorative, while remaining fun and unpretentious.
    We also will have a space there widening the scope, including adjacent films and genres. Yakuza flick starring someone from RODAN? Fair game.

    We are building and amassing content right now with the launch planned for late April 2023 to coincide with us going to some conventions to speak.

    I really like these forums, and everyone's demeanor here, and I've read some REALLY great writing in the reviews posts. I don't go too deep here myself, though I'd like to, because I HATE typing on my phone. Like seriously HATE HATE HATE lol. Laptop died so it's going to be awhile. But yeah, if anyone has a love of Kaiju films, or Yakuza films, or Asian film in general, particularly Japanese stuff (though we will be bleeding in other territories, just need to get the base established then create bridges to the other stuff for readers) hit me up.

    To add, not all the time, but some pieces will be compensated, albeit a token fee for now, but I've been at some major outlets and know the game, so I hope within a year of launch we have our advertisers in line. Already have a couple major sponsors, as well as access to film talent from the genre (that was another impetus to get this site up, lot of these people aren't going to be with us a whole lot longer) and some seriously great artists etc to "look" the place.

    So yeah...writers, artists, hell even musicians, are all encouraged if they interested.

    KAIJU UNITED is the sites name and to be clear it is intensely dedicated to diversity, and supporting communities like LGBTQIA+ etc. No it's not going to be grinding on "GET WOKE!" but good conduct and kindness are mandatory. My project partner has been in the Kaiju fan community since he was 10 years old and seen and out up with a lot of dudebros bullshit, and organizations like G FEST, which have exhibited some seriously shitty behavior and attitudes that I won't bother mentioning here.

    Myself, I've written at FANGORIA, SCREEN ANARCHY, MOVIE MAKER, etc (under the name Sean Smithson) and been doing convention and film festival work for two decades now (where the fuck did the time go???) so there's some experience behind this.

    Would be more than happy to have the company if some of the members here who are able to really sit down and get words that actually say something into proverbial paper

    No harm no foul, and I hope it's okay I posted this here.

    Thx for reading, and have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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    It's 100% ok that you posted this here and I hope you get some traction with the new project. Feel free to post updates as this evolves, it sounds like a very cool project.
    Rock! Shock! Pop!


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      Thx IAN!