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'Masked Avengers' aka 'Cha shou' (1981) – Chang Cheh.

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  • 'Masked Avengers' aka 'Cha shou' (1981) – Chang Cheh.

    Shaw Brothers directing god Chang Cheh is the untarnished gold standard for heroic, plasma-packed, bone-shatteringly brutal Kung Fu carnage, but master Cheh audaciously earns himself a glisteringly gory golden trident for his grievously gruesome, riotously rib-wrecking, sternum-skewering martial masterpiece 'Masked Avengers'. A rewardingly visceral, blissfully blood-spattered, brain-bogglingly bonkers example of Cheh's unrivalled mastery of majestic martial arts mayhem!!!! With an exemplary cast of preternaturally agile, fiercely fleet-footed Shaw Brothers warrior icons, sumptuous set design, a memorable score, and a giddy plenitude of truly outstanding panther-paced fight choreography, guarantees that no jaw shall remain undropped by the trident-thrashingly tumultuous conclusion of 'Masked Avengers'.

    'A scintillatingly savage showcase of inimitable Shaw Brothers bellicosity, maestro Chang Cheh's Grindhouse grisly 'Masked Avengers' is kinda' like if the 'Wild Bunch' met an even WILDER bunch!!!!'

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