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Error 4444 Releasing Thrilling Bloody Sword, Fatal Termination & More

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  • Error 4444 Releasing Thrilling Bloody Sword, Fatal Termination & More

    Just announced on twitter...

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    In a word, AWESOME.


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      Fatal Termination is a film that I just love so much!
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        Yeah, it's a lot of fun.

        Having said that though, the scene with the small child being held out of the window of a speeding car is possibly the most insanely irresponsible thing I have ever seen in an action movie (and probably not in a good way). Pretty jaw dropping.


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          This company has an amazing line-up! I've got Anatomia, I have Centipede and Red Spell on pre-order, will order Red & Run to Kill the second they go live, and will get these four. Only missed the Forest duo. Can't think of any other company from whom I've bought as much relative to what they've released...


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            Fatal Termination isn't one of my favourite Moon Lee films (I'm really hoping someone puts out the Iron Angels series on Blu-Ray) but the scene with the kid being dangled out the car window is fucking crazy. The rest of the film has its moments but it's worth picking up for that scene alone.


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              FATAL TERMINATION is/was ripe for restoration as transfers used for VHS, DVD, and LD were very ropey (print damage, too).

              Very entertaining film with three or four jaw-dropping action scenes (fight on container, girl hanging outside building, car stunt with girl). Director Kam also made the excellent THE BIG HEAT, surely a pending release on Blu).
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                Agreed. The Big Heat is perhaps my all time favourite HK-action!
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                  From the latest Error_4444 newletter:

                  "RELEASE UPDATE!

                  Hey All ~ We’re paying for emails now, so expect a new email each month from here on out! Thanks for subscribing and supporting our releases. We’re excited to unveil a lot of cool stuff soon!

                  First, FATAL TERMINATION will drop very soon. We’re awaiting one more special feature and then we’ll lock the disc up! We’ll drop art and feature details in the coming weeks.

                  In addition, we’ll have standard editions of everything we’ve released up to this point available on our site when FATAL TERMINATION goes live. Those titles include our most recent releases: CENTIPEDE HORROR & RED SPELL SPELLS RED as well as earlier titles: ANATOMIA EXTINCTION, FUNKY FOREST: THE FIRST CONTACT and THE WARPED FOREST.

                  As always, we’re hard at work on announced and unannounced films. We’re pushing to get a ton out this year, so hold tight. RUN AND KILL & RED TO KILL are due shortly. CHALLENGE OF THE LADY NINJA, THRILLING BLOODY SWORD & IMPERIAL SWORD KILLING THE DEVIL are due right after that. Each will come this year. Plus we’re going to try to squeeze in some unannounced films where we can. A couple of teasers below!

                  Thanks! More soon!"

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                    Originally posted by AngelGuts View Post
                    FATAL TERMINATION is/was ripe for restoration as transfers used for VHS, DVD, and LD were very ropey (print damage, too).
                    Have you watched the uncut Austrian dvd? I thought it looked great. In it's original aspect ratio it certainly looks way better than my old fullscreen HK vhs. It's not English friendly though. But needless to say a blu-ray is going to be even better! xD
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                      From their FB page:

                      REGION FREE = A / B / C
                      PRESSED BLU RAYS

                      Shipping Time: September

                      FATAL TERMINATION – Collector’s Edition Slipcover #1 & Slipcover #2 Both Limited to 1,000 Units

                      Limited Contents:

                      -Slipcover #1 Double-Sided Slipcover w/ New Artwork by Justin Coffee & Bimo
                      -Or Slipcover #2 Double-Sided Slipcover w/ Old Artwork Including Thai Art & Chinese Art
                      -Booklet with Essays + Photos + Ad Artwork
                      -3 Stickers
                      -Reversible Artwork

                      Extra Limited Contents (Limited to 500):

                      -Holographic Sticker with Art by Justin Coffee
                      -Car Air Freshener with Art by Bimo [Two Scents: New Car & Roadtrip, Given At Random]
                      -Double-Sided Poster w/ Thai Art Side A & Justin Coffee Art Side B

                      Special Features

                      -Brand New 4K Restoration [93 mins.]
                      -4K English Dub Cut [85 mins.]
                      -Man Of Action: An Interview with Stunt Coordinator, Ridley Tsui [13 mins.]
                      -The Man From Cornwall: An Interview with Actor, Mike Abbott [8 mins.]
                      -Audio Commentary by Kenneth Brorsson & Philip Gillon of Podcast on Fire Network
                      -Chinese Dub Ending Song
                      -New English, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese Subtitles
                      -Cantonese & Mandarin Audio Tracks
                      -And More

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                        This seems to be selling very briskly.


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                          This is not an error! An interview with Logan Hamrick and Samuel Antezana of the Blu-ray label ERROR 4444


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